WVU Administration Hurting Coach Holgorsen's Football Recruiting

Michael Walker@michaelwalkerwvAnalyst IIJanuary 15, 2013

WVU Coach Dana Holgorsen
WVU Coach Dana HolgorsenPeter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The delays in background checks by the WVU administration may be seriously impeding the recruiting efforts of WVU.

It took six days from the time Brian Mitchell's hiring went public before he was "officially" hired by the school (h/t The Dallas Morning News).

That's six days he could not contact any recruits or act in any way on behalf of the WVU football program.

As a very successful and popular cornerback coach, Mitchell's time in limbo may have cost the Mountaineers recruiting efforts. Are you going to send a quarterback coach to recruit cornerbacks? How many committed to another school simply because it seemed WVU wasn't that interested?

It's also been three to four days since the hiring of Tony Gibson and Lonnie Galloway became public. Their hiring has still not been approved by the school's human resources department. Both are proven recruiters.

With no safeties coach and no receiving coach, WVU is at a serious disadvantage. How far can Holgorsen go in trying to make up for a shortage of recruiters? This could be a devastating blow to this year's recruiting class.

With only weeks to go before the signing period begins, the Mountaineers recruiting efforts are lessened by nothing more than bureaucratic red tape.

Obviously the human resources department is no fan of the athletic department, and hopefully the new coaches can make up for the lost time. What do you think?

Comments as always are welcomed and appreciated.

Mitchell and Gibson have been officially hired. That leave Galloway for the receivers!