Carmelo Anthony: Why Recording Trash Talk is Out of Line

Jeremy FuchsCorrespondent IIIJanuary 15, 2013

Carmelo Anthony driving to the hoop.
Carmelo Anthony driving to the hoop.Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The New York Knicks have reportedly ordered team employees to record what Carmelo Anthony says during games, and what is said to him, according to the Newark Star-Ledger.  Not only is this bordering on being illegal, it is the lowest of the low ethically and is completely out of line.

The reason the team is doing this is to see whether the trash talk is out of line, after the Kevin Garnett incident which promoted a one-game suspension for Anthony.

There are two things at play here. One, the Knicks should not be doing this. While they want to protect their star, there is also something they can't do: protect him from trash talk. Trash talk is inevitable and will happen regardless of the Knicks' efforts. In fact, the trash talking may increase.

Secondly, Carmelo Anthony needs to grow up. Not only has he been in the league for 10 years, but he's 28. He's a grown man and trash talk has been directed his way all his life. He has to learn to not let it get under his skin.

While some of the things said during the course of the game are reprehensible, and in any other situation would require some sort of response, this isn't a normal situation. It's a basketball court, where they pay millions of dollars for the players to play a basketball game. The only way to respond is by lifting your game.

Anthony, for better or for worse, is the leader of the Knicks team. He is, by far, their best player and their success this season is in large part due to him.

If he were to fall off the rails, then this team could not go anywhere. Whenever he hasn't played, the Knicks are 3-4 this season. They cannot win a championship without him. They would barely make the playoffs without him.

Anthony has to grow up. He has to focus on what's important—a Knicks season that has the most promise the team has seen in years. Everything else is just details.