Wilfried Zaha Will Be Worth His Hefty Transfer Price Tag

Evan Javel@@EvantimeContributor IIJanuary 16, 2013

Wilfried is the next big thing and will soon be paid like it.
Wilfried is the next big thing and will soon be paid like it.Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Wilfried Zaha is the next big thing in the soccer world.

At the age of 20 he is commanding top dollar from teams all over the world. Zaha currently plays for Crystal Palace FC, a team in the English Championship division. Zaha is comfortable in England and is suspected to stay there when he signs a new contract.

Being the elite player that he is, he should only take offers from the elite teams in the premiership. Among the teams pining for Zaha are Arsenal and Manchester United, two teams with very deep pockets (via the Daily Mail).

Zaha is currently the best player in England not playing in the Premier League. He has all the makings of the next great English star.

In a place with such rabid soccer fans, the value of bringing in one of their own cannot be undervalued. His exorbitant transfer fee will be worth it for the marketing opportunities that having one of best British players will bring.

Wilfried combines elite speed with great touch and the confidence that he can beat any man with the dribble.

The trait that really makes him a rare find, however, is his creativity. Due to his creativity and athleticism Zaha brings the “wow” factor to every pitch he steps onto.

I could try to explain his talents in more depth, but I think I will leave that to his manager Ian Holloway (via ESPN Soccernet):

He is so unique. He is an untouched, pure talent. I've never worked with anyone like him - he just wants to get the ball and beat people, However many there are, he can do it... Good gracious me, it is quite unbelievable what he can do, and hopefully, a lot of fans around the country will see him still progress because it is so pure. You just want to give him the ball. I find myself willing my other players to give it to him because the more he has it, the better my team does.

Often coaches shy away from heaping praise on young players to prevent their ego from ballooning.

In this case Zaha’s talent is so strong that his manager cannot help but gush over him. If his old coach’s sentiment is any indication, whoever signs him will have reason to be excited.

His coach was not the only one who is high on him, as he was voted the best young player in England, according to the Football League, while his own team Crystal Palace FC voted him Young Player of the Year for the second year in a row.

These talents will not come cheap, with the Daily Mail reporting an offer of £6 million.

Before the negotiating is all said and done, the price may end up being much higher than that.

Rest assured, he will be worth every penny.