Oregon Ducks Lose Coach: Did Chip Kelly Leave to Avoid Sanctions?

Michael TierneyAnalyst IJanuary 16, 2013

Chip waves bye bye to the Duck fans.
Chip waves bye bye to the Duck fans.Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly is off to the NFL according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

He is the guy the Philadelphia Eagles really wanted. But didn't Chip say last week that he was staying at Oregon? Or was that just a negotiating tool?

Kelly has been a fantastic, offensively-minded coach at Oregon. But Chip actually did have most of the talent in place at Oregon when he changed to the option-read offense. Can he install that offense at the Philadelphia Eagles with Nick Foles? Absolutely Not! Foles is history.

So he will have to get an option-read QB in the draft. The trouble is that this is a down year for dual-threat, option-read quarterbacks coming into the NFL draft. And Michael Vick just won't fit Kelly's system. Vick is mobile, but he is not 'Kaepernick-mobile' these days.

Vick is getting older, slower, has an injury history, and most importantly, doesn't fit the salary cap. He needs to be $15.5 million mobile (that is what he gets next year if he stays with the Eagles).

One thing for sure, Kelly will bring excitement to Philly. And DeSean Jackson will make a good starting point for Kelly's offense. So will Jeremy Maclin.

But why did he leave? Surely he knows that the Eagles need rebuilding.

Perhaps he knew that the Eagles was the best team for him to go to and they gave him the deal he wanted. He was talking to Bellichek at New England before making this move. Another negotiating tool? Maybe, but this is the best career move for Chip Kelly.

Does he have enough time to rebuild Philly? He had most the pieces at Oregon when he put his offensive plan to work. The same can not be said at Philly?

So, is this a Pete Carroll style get-away?

Does this mean NCAA sanctions against Oregon are severe and just around the corner?

The NCAA will hold its' Committee on Infractions for Oregon soon and this might mean sanctions for the Ducks. Oregon's motion for a summary disposition was denied by the NCAA - and that is not a good sign for the Ducks.

This can only help Washington and Stanford to recruit in the North. It is already clear that Nico Falah was surprised by this move, so it could even help UCLA.

It is just the way Chip left. So much like Pete. One has to wonder about sanctions.