Odds USC or Notre Dame Flips Tyree and Tyrell Robinson from Oregon Ducks

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIJanuary 17, 2013

Via fishduck.com
Via fishduck.com

The Oregon Ducks have lost head coach Chip Kelly to the fame and fortune of the NFL, and that's a move that's going to drastically impact their 2013 recruiting class.

Uncertainty and changes at the top often lead to restlessness amongst recruits, and this is a symptom that Oregon will not be immune to. Kelly was a major reason behind Oregon being such a successful recruiting draw among elite players, and now, that reason is gone.

The first sign of trouble for Oregon recruiting came soon after the news that Kelly had jumped to "The League." Rob Cassidy of Rivals.com reported that while 4-star athletes Tyree Robinson and Tyrell Robinson did not decommit from Oregon after the hearing the news, they've decided to start looking at other options:

"We're going to open it back up and check out other schools," Tyree Robinson said. "It's crazy. It's just really crazy. I'm just going to open it back up to see what schools come back to see me and my brother. USCand Notre Dame are the only two schools I really have in mind right now, but there will be others."

According to Tyree Robinson, it's "hard to say" which other programs will get involved now that he and his brother are once again open to contact. In-depth evaluations will come later. For now, the prevailing reaction is simple shock.

This is bad news for Oregon, because the Robinsons (they are twin brothers) project to be very good at the college level. Tyree is ranked as the No. 6 athlete in the nation according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings. Tyrell, on the other hand, is ranked as the No. 12 outside linebacker. Both players are considered to be basketball recruits as well, per Cassidy.

What are the odds that the Robinsons flip to either Notre Dame or USC?

Unfortunately for the Ducks, the odds don't look to be in their favor. Both players have offers from USC and Notre Dame and the interest is apparently there. As it stands, Oregon is not the same program that they were committed to on Tuesday that it is now, so there's plenty of reason to see why they would want to flip out of their commitments.

Update: Brad Bournival of ESPN.com is reporting that the Robinsons are planning to visit Ohio State.

The one thing with them is that they appear like they could be a "package deal" considering the fact that they're brothers, and that could play into Oregon's favor. If a program only wants one or the other, that could be a huge advantage since the Ducks have both of them committed, but then again, that's just an "if" situation.

As it stands, I see no reason why either USC or Notre Dame wouldn't want to bring in both of these elite recruits though, so if there's a chance that it can happen—I have to imagine both programs will try to make it work.

There's a very good chance that we see both Robinsons flip from their commitments to Oregon.

Whether it is to USC or Notre Dame is really the question now, but its rather obvious that both schools have better odds to land the twin recruits than Oregon does of keeping them.

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