NFL Draft 2013: Wide Receivers Who Should Be Targeted in Later Rounds

Joseph ZuckerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 18, 2013

Texas A&M WR Ryan Swope
Texas A&M WR Ryan SwopeScott Halleran/Getty Images

NFL teams would be wise to wait for a receiver in the 2013 NFL Draft.

This year is pretty much devoid of that one wideout that every scout agrees will be a game-changer.

Keenan Allen, Robert Woods, Tavon Austin and Cordarrelle Patterson look to be the top of the class, but more than likely, the team that drafts one of them will reach a little higher than the player should go.

Waiting until the third or fourth round is a much better plan for the teams that need help at receiver. There are plenty of options that offer the kind of high reward that balances out the risk.

Here are three receiver prospects who should be targets for most teams.


Denard Robinson, Michigan

The NFL draft is littered with quarterbacks who tried to transition to another position in order to pursue a pro career. Denard Robinson isn't the first, and he certainly won't be the last.

Naturally, he'll need some time to try and learn a new position.

Robinson has the kind of speed necessary to become an explosive receiver. In addition, with his physical tools, he can be a weapon in the return game as well.

He could line up in the Wildcat formation and be a major threat to the defense. The opposition will have to respect his passing ability.

In the right round, it's worth the gamble to try and transition Robinson into a wideout. Whatever NFL team drafts him will hope he's more Josh Cribbs and and less Pat White.


Ryan Swope, Texas A&M

The Wes Welker and Jordy Nelson comparisons are inevitable when discussing Ryan Swope. Indeed, he is much in the mold of those two receivers.

He wasn't used much in his freshman year. During his sophomore year, though, Swope burst onto the scene. In his final three years as a Texas A&M Aggie, he recorded 233 receptions for 2,945 yards and 23 touchdowns.

He's not the most athletic receiver in the draft, but he could be one of the more reliable to come out of the 2013 class.

With Swope's good hands and solid route-running, he's the kind of low-ceiling, steady receiver that every team would love to have.


Aaron Mellette, Elon

Aaron Mellette's stats are absolutely off the charts. In 2011, he caught 113 passes for 1,639 yards and 12 touchdowns. 2012 was a slight drop, as he only had 97 receptions for 1,408 yards and 18 touchdowns.

Granted, all of that was done with the Elon Phoenix at the FCS level.

As a result of his play, Mellette was invited to the 2013 Senior Bowl (h/t Dan Anderson of It will be a great opportunity for him to measure himself up with some of the better draft prospects.

He might not be the best athlete in the draft, but his skills could definitely translate to the NFL. At 6'3", Mellette also has the size to be a serious threat, especially in the red zone.

Since not much is known about Mellette, he could shoot up draft boards after good showings in the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine.