Montreal Canadiens Fans Chant for P.K. Subban's Return at Open Scrimmage

Franklin SteeleAnalyst IIJanuary 18, 2013

In case you were curious about how Montreal Canadiens fans feel about the ongoing contract shenanigans with defender P.K. Subban—now I suppose you know.

Over 17,000 people gathered to watch an open scrimmage at the Bell Centre in Montreal and made their feelings known with a boisterous (and rather impressive) chant while play was still going on down on the ice.

This may or may not have something to do with reports yesterday that Montreal and Subban are still a ways apart in their contract negotiations, according to Dave Stubbs of the Montreal Gazette. You know things are sticky for the Canadiens when the Florida Panthers manage to iron out a deal with their mildly estranged young Russian blueliner in time for the season opener, while Subban is still at home.

There were three noteworthy free agents on the blue line coming out of the lockout, but now less than a week later there is just one. The New York Rangers quickly locked up Ryan McDonagh, and now the Panthers have signed Dmitry Kulikov.

Only Subban remains, and if this video is any indication of how Canadiens fans are feeling about that, it isn't too peachy keen.

I'm not sure if this chant adds any pressure on management to get a deal done, or why there would be a need to do so. Subban is obviously an integral part of this team moving forward, and they may be tempting an offer sheet by dilly-dallying in signing the young blueliner.