Seattle Seahawks: Why Quarterback Matt Flynn Won't Be Traded

Todd Pheifer@tpheiferAnalyst IIIJanuary 18, 2013

SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 09:  Quarterback Matt Flynn #15 of Seattle Seahawks throws in the third quarter against the Arizona Cardinals at CenturyLink Field on December 9, 2012 in Seattle, Washington.  (Photo by Kevin Casey/Getty Images)
Kevin Casey/Getty Images

Now that Russell Wilson has emerged as the definitive starter for the Seattle Seahawks, backup quarterback Matt Flynn and his pricey contract are expendable, right?

Theoretically, yes. Just for the sake of argument, I will acknowledge that a Flynn trade is certainly possible. However, I do not see it happening.

There is possible, and then there is likely.

As noted by, ‘Hawks general manager John Schneider “acknowledges Flynn might be shopped in the coming months.” Shopped. Interesting word.

Why do I picture someone putting an item on an online auction site with a high opening bid just to see if anyone is desperate enough to bid for that item?

The article also suggested that Flynn has “intriguing physical skills and enough allure to tempt a quarterback-needy team.” Another interesting combination of words.

Let me see if I can translate that. If a quarterback gets hurt or a franchise is definitively dissatisfied with the progress of a young signal-caller, they just might offer a late-round pick for Flynn.

Flynn may be “intriguing,” but is he $7.25 million intriguing?

When Flynn was on the open market, he was pursued by Seattle, the Miami Dolphins, and perhaps the Cleveland Browns. Seattle got him, and the other two teams drafted rookie quarterbacks.

Will the Jacksonville Jaguars be placing a call to Seattle in the coming months?

Is a team like the Kansas City Chiefs being thrown out (via ESPN) as an option just because they finished 2-14?

I know there are a lot of fans that got excited about Flynn when he was signed, and that is just fine. In the early part of the season when the Seahawks were struggling, there were many spirited debates about whether Flynn should be starting over Russell Wilson.

Suffice it to say, those conversations have faded away as Wilson put together a great season and led the Seahawks to the playoffs.

Flynn may well be capable of starting in the NFL. However, I would be shocked if multiple teams will be lining up to get him.

Realistically, one could argue that it would be surprising if Seattle were able to get better than a fourth-round draft pick for Flynn. A team would have to be fairly sold on Matt in order to give away a good pick and pick up the rest of the deal.

A desire to unload Flynn and his expensive contract is valid, particularly since $7.25 million is quite a bit for a backup. However, fans must keep in mind that there is value in having two quality quarterbacks on your roster.

Russell Wilson has proven to be a smart runner and it appears that he knows how to slide better than Robert Griffin III. However, injuries are part of the game, and health is never guaranteed.

If Flynn is dealt, Seattle will need someone to play backup. That person will also need to be paid. Obviously they may be cheaper than $7.25 million, but unless Flynn were replaced by a college quarterback, there would still be a reasonable cost.

Schneider has stated that he will be “listening to people.” Listening. Does that mean he expects to receive serious offers, or will he just be listening in order to maintain polite relationships?

Something tells me that teams will not be placing daily calls in order to get their hands on Matt Flynn.

We will see.