Royal Rumble 2013: Superstars Who Would Be Great to See as Surprise Entrants

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIJanuary 19, 2013

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The Royal Rumble is my favorite WWE pay-per-view event, and the featured match still carries a ton of appeal for me.

I love the stakes of the Rumble and the connection to the main event at WrestleMania, but most of all, I get a kick out of the surprise entrants.

You never know who will appear from the WWE's past, present or future.

The best mix is a balance between old-school wrestlers or celebrities—with no future relevance to storylines—and a few newcomers or returning Superstars who will impact angles for the rest of the year and beyond.

With those ideal parameters set, here are four Superstars I'd love to see in the Rumble.


Ricky Steamboat

The WWE legend has been feuding with Wade Barrett on WWE television, and it seems like a natural setup for some sort of Rumble appearance from Steamboat.

Barrett was announced as one of the 30 participants in the Royal Rumble on the January 14th episode of Raw. If he isn't in singles action, placing the Dragon in the Rumble as a surprise entrant would be the only way to pit him against Barrett.

The master of the Bull Hammer made some disparaging comments about Steamboat on the January 7th episode of Raw. He and Steamboat had some tense moments before and after Barrett unleashed the Barrage on Santino Marella.

The Dragon could eliminate Barrett at the Rumble to add fuel to the fire, but he'll likely need some help.


Richie Steamboat

Who better to help The Dragon than his own son Richie? The younger Steamboat is currently working in the WWE's developmental territories and has made several appearances on NXT.

This is a great time to call him up to major WWE TV.

This concept would involve him with a major Superstar, and he'd be further validated by the presence of his legendary father.

He couldn't ask for a better setup in his WWE debut.


Brock Lesnar

A powerhouse like Lesnar will always shine in a Battle Royal event.

It's been awhile since Lesnar appeared on WWE television. His last match was at SummerSlam against Triple H, and he subsequently "left" the WWE the following day via Tout.

We all know that won't last, and I can't think of a better spot for Lesnar to make his presence felt. He could even turn out to be the winner of the event.

That would potentially set up one amazing main event at WrestleMania. 



The man with the most vicious clothesline in the history of wrestling is still in decent shape. I'd love to see the big man give it a go in the Rumble.

Obviously he won't win, but he could feasibly give fans 10-15 minutes of action—and, of course, one or two Clotheslines from Hell.


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