Golovkin vs. Rosado: Triple G Stops Rosado in Round 7 in a Bloody, Hard Fight

Justin TateCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2013

Gennady Golovkin AKA Triple G (courtesy of RingTalk.com)
Gennady Golovkin AKA Triple G (courtesy of RingTalk.com)

Gennady Golovkin out-landed and overpowered a game and tough-as-nails Gabriel Rosado in a bloody and brutal middleweight title fight.

The result was a corner stoppage by Rosado's trainer Billy Briscoe, who threw in the towel during Round 7 after a cut that opened on Rosado's left eye from a strong Golovkin jab in Round 2 began to overflow.

Rosado's corner did all they could to stop the flow between rounds, but the fountain of blood was soon joined by streams pouring from Rosado's mouth and nose as Golovkin began wobbling the Philly fighter.

Rosado's heart was on full display as he fought back even when his chin was tested against the toughest of punches Golovkin could throw.

Rosado nailed a big right near the end of Round 4 that hurt Golovkin and clearly got his respect. The punch also seemed to give Rosado a boost of confidence as Round 5 became Rosado's best round.

Rosado hurt Golovkin repeatedly, managing to get his respect and back him up for a majority of the fight.

Steve Smoger called Golovkin for hitting behind the head in Round 6 and allowed Rosado to walk it off, but that proved to not be of much help as Golovkin turned up the heat in the next round to finish strong.

A long combination of punches hurt Rosado and managed to further open up the cut over his left eye. Trainer Billy Briscoe couldn't stand to see his fighter take anymore punishment and threw in the towel.

Rosado's effort is definitely enough where fans will want to see him again, and HBO likely won't hesitate to broadcast another of his fights.

Rosado will likely move back down to junior middleweight in order to regain his No. 1 contendership for the IBF 154 title against Cornelius Bundrage.

Golovkin can look forward to another HBO fight date in the next couple months as his fanbase continues to grow following such a brutal display of power and ferocity.