WWE Pay-Per-Views: What Is the Best Option for June 2013?

SMGAnalyst IIJanuary 20, 2013

photo courtesy of wwe.com
photo courtesy of wwe.com

Almost two weeks ago, WWE released its 2013 pay-per-view schedule to media affiliates, according to LordsofPain.net. However, June’s show is still to be determined.

This past June’s pay-per-view, No Way Out was somewhat disappointing due to the lack of any interesting or surprising events. We saw a lot of the same matches we would’ve seen on TV. Plus, the main event was John Cena against The Big Show.

What is this, 2002?

In any case, WWE has the opportunity to make a better choice for June 2013. I am making two suggestions: King of the Ring or Cyber Sunday.

I suggested both of these pay-per-views for my ideal 2013 calendar, but it looks like only one still has the opportunity to make it.

Which one should WWE consider for its June 2013 pay-per-view? Let’s discuss each one and why WWE should choose that particular show.


King of the Ring

At one point, King of the Ring was its own pay-per-view until 2002, when the tournament began taking place on WWE TV.

The King of the Ring tournament has always allowed a midcard or up-and-coming Superstar rise to the main event. Superstars such as Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin are prime examples of this. King of the Ring 1996 was when Steve Austin made his famous “Austin 3:16” speech and began his superstardom.

King of the Ring has somewhat been replaced by Money in the Bank. The briefcase is usually won by someone in the midcard who is then catapulted to the main event.

Some cases of previous King of the Ring winners, such as Billy Gunn, didn’t work out. But the same could be said for Jack Swagger and the Money in the Bank briefcase.

If WWE decides to have the King of the Ring in June 2013, the winner could also earn a World title match at SummerSlam.


Cyber Sunday

Cyber Sunday was a WWE pay-per-view event that only lasted from 2004 until 2008. This is surprising considering how much emphasis WWE puts on social media and its WWEActive polls.

Why not bring back the ultimate WWEActivity with an entire pay-per-view dedicated to fake Twitter polls?

WWE has had a tendency to ignore Twitter polls, like in November when fans actually voted for Daniel Bryan to face CM Punk on Raw.

WWE could still fix the polls based on what they want for the pay-per-view, but imagine an entire show’s matches and stipulations chosen by the fans.

Perhaps if WWE fans seriously had the power to book the matches and stipulations they want, there would be less criticism of the booking. It would also give the writers a break, which I am sure no one would mind.



Both pay-per-view options would greatly benefit WWE, its fans and even the Superstars as well.

King of the Ring would be another opportunity for a young star to be promoted to the main event. Cyber Sunday would allow fans to decide which Superstars they want to see in a match or add certain stipulations to an already announced match.

What do you think? What is the option for June 2013’s WWE pay-per-view? Please leave your comments, suggestions and ideas in the section below.





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