The Danger of Ending Team Hell No in WWE

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIJanuary 22, 2013

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Team Hell No was undoubtedly the WWE’s top tag team in 2012, but in 2013, the duo is bound to split up.

With very few tag teams sticking together for the long haul these days and Daniel Bryan ready for another singles run, it’s almost inevitable that Bryan and Kane will go their separate ways in the near future. 

On paper, that seems like the best decision. 

After all, no tag teams last forever, and it’s become quite apparent that Bryan is more than ready to get back into the World title and main event mix.

Of course, many fans can also see that Team Hell No’s best days are behind them, and it’s going to be hard for the duo to remain a tag team if it can’t recreate the magic that it found last year.

When you consider all those factors, the end of Team Hell No appears to be a good idea that would actually be best for the WWE in the long haul. 

But just because it appears that way, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

There are indeed some very real dangers that would accompany the WWE splitting up Team Hell No and having Bryan and Kane go their separate ways.

First and foremost, Team Hell No has been the WWE’s top tag team for the better part of six months now and can’t easily be replaced. 

Kane and Bryan have given the tag team division the star power it’s so desperately needed over the last several years, so once the duo leaves the division, it’s also going to leave a big absence of star power there.

No other duo has the star power that Team Hell No is, which makes the entire division better. Bryan and Kane improve the quality of matches, generate more interest in tag team wrestling and elevate any guys that they face. 

Without them, the tag division suddenly becomes a little less important, with Team Rhodes Scholars and the duo of Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara (assuming they’re still teaming together) as the only duos that WWE seems to be interested in pushing for the long haul.

Therefore, splitting up Team Hell No might not be the best route to go if the WWE wants to remain committed to building an interesting tag team division that features some of its top stars.

That’s not the only problem that the end of Team Hell No would create, though. 

There’s also the issue of how to make the breakup benefit both Kane and Bryan, which is obviously easier said than done. Kane and Bryan have been doing arguably the best work of their careers together, so it’s safe to say that one or both guys might not be guaranteed success post-split. 

Assuming they do split, a feud between the two seems likely, unless the WWE decides to go the Kofi Kingston/R-Truth route and just have them go their separate ways.

But can a Kane/Bryan feud work if both are babyfaces? Should either guy turn heel?

At this point, it wouldn’t seem to benefit either guy to go bad. Kane has been leaps and bounds better in his current face run than any of his recent heel runs (especially the last one) while Bryan has gotten so over that he almost has to be a face going forward. 

There doesn’t seem to be any logic behind having these two guys feud with another when they are undoubtedly two of the WWE’s top babyfaces and are performing extremely well in those roles.

Although a Team Hell No split doesn’t have to end with a heel turn from either guy, you have to think that just having them go their separate ways is unlikely after all they’ve been through together

Still, Kane and Bryan should remain babyfaces, and having to turn one of them heel is an issue the WWE will undoubtedly encounter should it decide to pull the plug on Team Hell No.

Another issue that splitting Kane and Bryan up would create is having one or perhaps even both guys get lost in the shuffle in the singles scene.

While Bryan is widely considered to be one of the WWE’s top performers now, there’s certainly no guarantee that he will have the type of success as a singles star that he did in early 2012.

There’s a lot of talent in the WWE’s main event and upper midcard scenes, and even though Bryan is arguably the most talented superstar on the roster, that doesn’t ensure singles success once Team Hell No ends.

Meanwhile, Kane is past the point in his career where he can be a legitimate main event singles star. He’s much better suited in his current role as an upper midcard tag team performer.

The big problem that the end of Team Hell No would likely create for Kane is knocking him down the card, which would be a shame to see after the way he’s performed over the last year or so.

Thus, the WWE finds itself in quite the pickle here when it comes to Team Hell No: Does it break up the duo and elevate Bryan at the expense of Kane?

It will be very interesting to see what the WWE decides to do, and though Team Hell No is certainly going to split up at some point, the creative team has to make sure that the split happens at the right time in the right way.

After all the success that Kane and Bryan have had over the last six-plus months, they deserve to break up in a way that benefits both men, if that’s even possible.

While some would argue that Team Hell No has run its course and that it’s time for them to drop the tag team titles, ending the duo under the wrong circumstances could be a big mistake.

It’ll be up to the creative team to prevent that from happening.


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