UFC on Fox 6: Why You Should Root for John Dodson to Win the Flyweight Belt

Hunter HomistekCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2013

Oct 5, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA; John Dodson talks with the media after his bout with Jussier Formiga (not pictured) at the UFC on FX 5 at the Target Center. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

John Dodson is one annoying little dude. 

"The Magician" is a tremendously passionate mixed martial artist, but when you introduce him to a cage or a media interview of any sort, he becomes the type of bubbly, overly exuberant character that tends to make you feel uncomfortable for him. 

You know the guy. 

He's at parties, always bragging, "I can drink this much," or "I can jump off that ledge." 

That guy isn't fun. Everybody wants him to leave, but nobody really wants to say it.

John Dodson is that guy when he is hyped for a fight.

...And that is an amazing thing for the UFC. 

Dodson, for all of his annoyances, is a polarizing dude. Remember how much you disliked Michael Bisping before UFC 100? 

The Ultimate Fighter season was fresh in your mind, and his brash British accent had been gnawing at your brain like a slow-moving but ever-present tapeworm. 

That was Michael Bisping, and I guarantee that you watched the fight with anticipation and excitement. I also guarantee that you went absolutely crazy when Hendo flattened him. 

The UFC might be "as real as it gets," but there is no doubt fighters need to sell fights. Skill sets can match up amazingly on paper, and hardcore fans can usually tell when a fight will be good or bad regardless of the hype, but we need guys like Bisping, guys like Dodson and guys like Chael P. Sonnen to push bouts over the edge. 

Dodson brings that to the promotion. 

More importantly, he brings that to the flyweight division, which is heavily scrutinized and even disliked by some fans. 

People have a hard time getting behind the flyweight division right now, and a primary cause of this is the fact that there is little star power to speak of. 

The  125-pound champion, Demetrious Johnson, is a spectacular athlete and fighter, but he has the personality and style of a coffee-stained rug. (I mean that in the best way, "Mighty Mouse." I love coffee.)

John Dodson, on the other hand, possesses the rare type of naturally addictive personality that is just impossible to ignore. 

Oh, and guess what? He's one hell of a fighter. 

The hyper-athletic 125-pound fighter is lightning-quick, and he has the flyweight equivalent of Dan Henderson's legendary H-bomb loaded into his left fist. 

On top of this, he trains with arguably the best camp in the sport at Jackson MMA, which means he will certainly get better and better as his career progresses. 

Look, John Dodson is an annoying little bugger—I get that. 

But he's exciting, and he is exactly the spark the flyweight division needs moving forward. He can bring interest to an entire division and become yet another standout champion on the UFC's storied roster. 

All things considered, you need to root for John Dodson at UFC on Fox 6

It will hurt to do so, but it's for the best.