UFC News: Chael Sonnen Offers You His 'Truth Talk Academy' Videotape for $9.99

John Heinis@HeinisHardNewsSenior Analyst IJanuary 23, 2013

Many pundits' biggest criticism of two-time UFC middleweight title challenger Chael Sonnen is that it's his bark and not his bite that gets him opportunities to capture UFC gold. 

Well, in a video shot for Fighters Only Magazine, "The American Gangster" pokes fun at that notion, putting out an advertisement to purchase his Truth Talk Academy videotape for a low fee of just $9.99. 

"You've seen me degrade world champions, you've seen me incite entire countries and you will continue to watch me verbally massacre anyone who gets in my way ... and now, I'm willing to teach you how to do the same," Sonnen says at the beginning of the skit.

If there was any question that "Uncle Chael" had an issue at making some jokes at his expense, check out what he had to say when it comes to settling matters with your fists. 

"If you want to have the whole world looking up to you, don't worry about these (holds up his fists) these are secondary!" 

The video covers all the best verbal attacks including insults, threats and comebacks. If your budget is a little tight right now, no worries, as the VHS tape costs just $9.99 (or three easy payments of $3.33). 

In summary, the former two-time All-American collegiate wrestler explains that having a silver tongue is far more important than knowing how to fight these days.

"Here at the Chael Sonnen Truth Talking Academy, you're not going to learn to be better, you're not going to learn how to fight better ... what I'm going to teach you is to exercise your most important muscle in your body and that is your mouth. I'll teach you how to clean up a division without throwing a single punch. And if you don't believe this is the most important thing you possess (point to mouth), then just look who's fighting for the title in April. That's right, and the rest of you can suck it!"

The light-hearted video, which was released on Saturday, is no doubt in part to address the critics who don't believe Sonnen deserves a chance at light heavyweight gold this April when he takes on Jon Jones. 

Sonnen hasn't fought at 205 pounds since UFC 55 in Oct. 2005, but according to UFC president Dana White, he's the only contender who was willing to step up and fight "Bones."

Jones and Sonnen are currently coaching opposite one another on Season 17 of The Ultimate Fighter, with the first episode, which aired yesterday, generally receiving positive reviews from fans.