Ravens' Ray Lewis Inspires Yet Another Horrible Haircut

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 23, 2013

Photo Credit: Black Sports Online
Photo Credit: Black Sports Online

It's understandable that Ravens fans would lose their minds over Ray Lewis' last game in the NFL being the Super Bowl, but there is no need to ruin your collective heads. 

Busted Coverage once again spotted a Ravens fan throwing caution and good sense to the wind when he recently sat down with a barber and asked for the Ray Lewis. 

The photo shows Ray Lewis in what is supposed to either be an emotional or irate state. 

It comes out looking like Lewis was told to go to bed without supper, because that is the classic lip line of a person pouting. 

While I would never condone anyone getting another person's face shaved into their dome, the rest of the haircut is done rather nicely from the stylist. 

This was hardly the only haircut disaster. Late last week, Black Sports Online uncovered a picture of a fan wearing this awkward mess proudly. 

Yup, that's a fan rocking what seems to be an homage to an actual Raven with Lewis' number on the back. 

My only hope is that this washes out. 

This, I would assume, is but the beginning of the crazy depths fans will soon go to in order to pay tribute to a man and franchise that has brought them so much joy. 

At some point, merely wearing your favorite player's jersey became insufficient to show your deep adoration. Now we have bombastic haircuts filling the Internet for our amusement. 

It could be worse, because it could be permanent, like this tattoo

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