Eagles Vs Cowboys ...(Fans)

Andrew OContributor IApril 2, 2009



OK, I was sitting on my computer bored as all hell. Then I somehow came upon this video of an Eagles' fan talking some serious smack about the Cowboys after beating them 44-6. Now, trust me, I enjoyed this game as much as the next Eagles' fan. But this guy is just completely obnoxious.

The interesting part is the comments from the fans of the two teams for the video. I only read a hundred or so, but the stupid guy in the tape and the Cowboy fans are soooo redundent. In the midst of this offseason in which I have not argued with a Cowboy fan for a few months, I just wanted to bring these tendencies in arguing into the light for us to see.

If you haven't watch the video now, I suggest you do.

Ok, so the Eagles just completely embarrassed the Cowboys in one of the worst week 17 losses of all time, if not THE worst. So the fans of this demoralized team decide to bring up history of their Super Bowls.

Can a Cowboys fan please tell me how many they won? (Sarcasm). Yes, very very interesting compared to the Eagles three Championship victories (which I consider to be the same thing, well if we're gonna talk about history and all).

Then we will get real mature here. SHEAGLES, and COWGIRLS. Come on, that's what my 4-year-old brother calls them, that is not appropriate for a discussion among men educated in the sport.

Ahh, so what is next you ask? Then the Eagles' fan say they haven't won a playoff game in 15 years. That is a pretty legitimate argument there, especially since we have done relatively well in that time period (RELATIVE—as in relative to the other team I was discussing—I figured someone might set their aim on that sentence and complain). Yes, the Eagles have done better lately in the playoffs, but we have yet to win a Super Bowl.

Another thing I would like to point out is a Cowboy fan saying that we hate the Cowboys because we are jealous of them. Now, I guess that almost makes some sense. But what you have to understand is that we are taught over here to hate "America's Team", eat cheese-steaks, and how to pronounce weird town names like Bala Cynwyd before we go to kindergarten. It is more of a general hate than anything of jealousy.

There are even comments on American history. I'm gonna try to be unbiased here and just say that nothing really gets more American than Texas. However, when a Cowboys' fan says to learn American history, well we are American History. Liberty bell, Independence Hall, Constitution Center, Ben Franklin, Roosevelt Boulevard (world's worst road ever), and the list goes on.

There are many comments from Cowboys' fans that have been pointless and vulgar and even posted to my work, and certainly not appropriate for this site.

So all I'm really trying to say is that we are natural enemies and should fight and argue, but please can we not leave unintelligent comments on people's work. Don't worry you can comment on this all you want, or you can click that button up there on the top right of your screen. Either way...E-A-G-L-E-S!