Another Opening Day, a New Adventure Begins and Life Finally Returns to Normalcy

B MacCorrespondent IApril 3, 2009

With it less than a week away from the start of Opening Day, or should I say Opening Night in Major League Baseball, what better time than now to write something about the boys of summer, right? I also figured this could cure what would seem to be an incurable case of writer's block.

Diagnosis: Case of extreme writer's block

Prognosis: It's breaking up, like a SAM to a fighter jet

Opening Day or Opening Night in this case (thank you ESPN) to me is like Christmas morning, my birthday, my first kiss, my first home run, and reaching "third base" (if you know what I mean) all rolled into one big glorious day/moment thing.

No more NCAA Men's or Women's Basketball, no more National Football League, no more National Basketball Association, or National Hockey League, or NASCAR, or Golf or tennis taking center stage.

No, none of that. Baseball triumphantly returns to save many of us from the crushing winter hibernation.

Spring training is ending. The rosters are set and the chalk is being laid down the lines.

It is time to break out the hats, shirts, gloves, and for all intents and purposes the foam fingers. It's time to start talking about how our teams are going to go all the way this year.

Or repeat as World Series Champions.

Or just pray to God that our team finishes above .500 this season.

Or start making deals with the devil to get our team from collapsing for a third straight year.

Time to open up fantasy leagues and trash talk friends over who has a better team. With the arrival of Opening Day or Night, brings the revival of life as we know it for baseball fans.

It is time to reopen the rivalries of old.

Yankees-Red Sox



Cubs- White Sox

Man, it is truly great to be a baseball fan at this time of year. Even if your a fan of a rock-bottom team like the Pirates or Royals, you look forward to this time of year. If your a Mets fan, even YOU look forward to April; maybe not September, but definitely April.

April brings a renewed sense of hope and endearment.

Even if you don't watch baseball on television; but rather, play baseball, you love this month. There is no greater smell than of fresh-cut grass.

Or the feel of brand-new unused baseballs.

Or the sound that a bat makes when the ball hits the barrel.

This season is shaping up to be a great one, so sit back and relax. Be like T.O. and get your popcorn ready. Welcome to the show, please come in inside.

For all Phillies fans: if you read this, please partake in the Phillies-Mets Challenge.