WWE Main Event, Jan. 23: Ryback vs. Cesaro and Rhodes Scholars Battle the Usos

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJanuary 23, 2013

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

WWE Main Event opened with the "By the Numbers" video for the Royal Rumble. Going over everything from the number of eliminations of Shawn Michael and Kane to the amount of weight that has been in the match, WWE showed the same video that they show every year. The only difference is that it featured footage from last year’s Rumble match.

While it was the same thing they show every year, it’s a fun video to watch. It’s a nice look back at history, showing guys like Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Big John Studd and so many more.

The Royal Rumble truly is all about the numbers, and it's something that should garner attention. As an example, Kane is close to at least tying Michaels’ record for all-time eliminations. It’ll be fun to see if Kane can tie, or even break, the record this year!

Backstage, Matt Striker was with Ryback. The Royal Rumble match was his for the taking, and he would prepare by making Antonio Cesaro look like Swiss cheese. Ryback gave a decent promo here.

WWE should let him talk more often so that he can improve on the mic. He has the intensity, and it would be nice to see it transition well onto the mic. His line, “I can be funny, too” was pretty funny actually. Seeing him stare at Striker like he was going to eat him and say that line made it just hysterical!


Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro

Before the match, Cesaro declared that Ryback was everything that was wrong with the United States as he acted like a caveman. Ryback felt that he was entitled to something, but before Cesaro could finish, Ryback’s music hit.

Cesaro cut a good promo here. The United States champion is definitely one of the best new faces on the mic. Every time that man has a mic in his hand, he makes you listen to him. He makes a great heel, causing fans to want to see more and more of him.

Ryback would then pick up the victory in the match after Cesaro rolled out of the ring and was counted out. This was a decent match that saw Ryback dominate the majority of it. Cesaro got in a few streaks of offense, but this was primarily Ryback’s match.

Cesaro sold Ryback very well, though. He’s not just solid on offense, but he’s great on defense as well. He made Ryback look like a monster, and at the same time, he looked great doing it.

I have to give credit to Ryback as well. He has really settled into his role, and his character is making him into a star. Both of them are definitely future holders of the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship.

Backstage, Striker was with The Big Show. He didn’t have to justify his actions against Zack Ryder on Monday because he was a seven-foot tall giant. Only he deserved to be World Heavyweight champion, and nothing will stop him from getting the title back.

The Big Show’s hand is about the size of Striker’s head! Seeing him on television doesn’t really do his size justice, though. Seeing him live really puts his size into perspective.

Anyway, The Big Show gave a pretty good promo here. His heel turn last summer had a rocky start, but he has since become an intense heel. When he starts talking, he gives the impression that he is really  going to hurt someone as he says.

I don’t think that he’ll be regaining the title at the Royal Rumble, so that begs the question: What’s next for one of WWE’s strongest heels if doesn’t win?


The Usos vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Before the match, Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes insulted the Usos pre-match ritual. They would take the Tag Team Championship from Team Hell No and then get rid of inferior teams like the Usos.

Sandow and Rhodes really know how to deliver a good heel promo. Their chemistry with one another is not only great inside the ring but on the microphone as well. The Usos are certainly not an inferior team, They are popular with audiences, so comments like that generate heat for the heels.

Rhodes Scholars would end up winning the match after Sandow knocked Jey Usos off the top rope. This was a good match that saw a lot of solid tag-team action.

Team Rhodes Scholars are one of the top teams in the tag team division and are only seconded by Team Hell No. Seeing the Usos pick apart the No. 2 team in the division was great. Fans typically see them face off against other teams that are way out of the title hunt, so this was a nice change of pace for the twin brothers.

They showed that they cannot only perform very well with a top team, but they can take that top team to the limit.

Sandow and Rhodes were great here as well. They have developed into quite the team and will make great champions when they win the titles, quite possibly at the Royal Rumble. With Rhodes Scholars’ comments about taking out the Usos, the spotlight may soon be moving in the Usos’ direction as they aim to take the titles off Sandow and Rhodes.


Final Thoughts

Overall, this was another good episode of WWE Main Event. Though only one of the two matches was really enjoyable, the Ryback/Cesaro match showed both of them performing quite well. The match may not have been the best, but the Superstars involved did a good job in their respective roles.

The Ryback interview was entertaining, while The Big Show’s was quite good. Add all of that to the fun “By the Numbers” Royal Rumble video and you’ve got a solid show.

Main Event looks to have a great future if WWE keeps up the good work!


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