WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Team Rhodes Scholars Will Win the WWE Tag Team Titles

SMGAnalyst IIJanuary 24, 2013

Will we see new tag team champions this Sunday? YES! YES! YES! (photo credit: wwe.com)
Will we see new tag team champions this Sunday? YES! YES! YES! (photo credit: wwe.com)

At the Royal Rumble, Team Rhodes Scholars will do what no team has been able to do thus far and defeat Team Hell No for the WWE Tag Team titles.

Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes were two midcard singles competitors who were unable to reach much success on their own.

Rhodes seemed like he was on the verge of a breakthrough as Intercontinental champion. However, after losing the title, Rhodes was demoted to a feud with Sin Cara that went absolutely nowhere. He was a favorite heading into the Money in the Bank match, but WWE decided to give it to Dolph Ziggler instead.

Damien Sandow was impressive with his intellectual promos and excellent wrestling matches with upper card talent such as Sheamus. Sandow was also in the Money in the Bank match with Rhodes, but was not considered as much of a favorite to win.

Around the same time that Kane and Daniel Bryan joined together to form Team Hell No, Rhodes and Sandow joined together and received the most appropriate and witty name of Team Rhodes Scholars.

These two teams helped revitalize the tag team division, but if you really think about it, they are the only legitimate tag teams. The Prime Time Players have been No. 1 contenders for the tag team titles time and time again, but have never won the gold.

This is where Team Rhodes Scholars are different.

Rhodes and Sandow have received a number of opportunities, but they will finally win the titles this Sunday at the Royal Rumble.


Because it is time.

This feud needs to end so we don’t watch the same singles and tag team matches week after week on Raw, SmackDown and Main Event.

This feud is also going to end because Team Hell No will not stay together forever. In fact, Team Rhodes Scholars are more likely to stay together longer than Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Unlike Rhodes and Sandow, Kane and Daniel Bryan have both been successful as singles competitors in WWE. Both are former World champions. Bryan will be World champion again at some point this year and Kane still has enough gas in the tank that he could do the same.

If Team Hell No loses, or when Kane and Daniel Bryan lose this Sunday, it will give WWE fans more believability that Kane or Bryan could win the Rumble match. As Tag Team champions, Kane and Bryan would be less likely to win the Rumble match since that would be a sign the team is staying together for the foreseeable future.

Rhodes and Sandow deserve just as much credit as Kane and Daniel Bryan for helping the tag team division grow to where it is today. Now it’s time to see if they can carry the division as champions. We know Kane and Bryan could do it, but can Rhodes and Sandow?

Dr. Shelby will hopefully make an appearance at the Royal Rumble, as he could be a big part of Team Hell No’s inevitable split.

With or without Dr. Shelby’s help, Team Rhodes Scholars will win the WWE Tag Team Championships this Sunday at the Royal Rumble.




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