WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Does Alberto Del Rio Stand a Chance Against the Big Show?

Travis TaylorFeatured ColumnistJanuary 25, 2013

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

When Alberto Del Rio squares off against Big Show at the Royal Rumble, he'll have the odds stacked against him. The seven-foot former champion will be out for revenge and will stop at nothing to recapture the gold.

Given how violent their last match was and his opponent’s new frame of mind, does Del Rio stand a chance against Show?

The last time these two met in the ring for the title was on the Jan. 11 edition of SmackDown, also in a Last Man Standing match. That clash not only left both men crushed, but also the ringside area was battered all to hell. Del Rio used chairs, steel steps and the announcers’ table to keep the giant down and seize the title from him.

On SmackDown, Del Rio had the element of surprise: Show had no idea stepping into the arena he was going to be defending the belt in such a fashion.

His frustration and disbelief at Del Rio's drive was written all over his face. Instead of appearing confident and vicious, like he had during his matches with Sheamus, he looked bewildered.

Every time he knocked Del Rio down and he climbed back up, Show just stared at him.

At the Royal Rumble, Del Rio won't have the same luck. This time Show is going to be prepared. He's the challenger once again, and a hungry one too. 

How exactly can Del Rio stop his monster opponent when all Show really needs is one good punch to win the bout?

Del Rio needs to be quick. He is outweighed by over two hundred pounds. To move that much weight around, even for Show, can be draining. He needs to strike and move, make Show come after him.

Once he's got the big man breathing heavy, then he should move in for the attack with the weapons at his disposal. As evidenced by his vicious bouts with Sheamus, Show can take a tremendous amount of punishment. When he lost the belt to Del Rio, it took three hits from the steel steps before he went down for the count.

Show is going to be out to cause serious hurt on Del Rio. At the end of 2011, he lost the world title in 45 seconds to Daniel Bryan. He was never able to beat him for it. In 2012 he was fired by John Laurinaitis and cried in the ring. Show has to be tired of being a joke.

Losing the title again in 2012 has to be eating him up and he'll take that anger out on Del Rio.

If Del Rio is smart, he'll let that anger be Show's downfall. As stated before, he needs to wear Show out before striking with the big stuff. He needs to tap Show's anger, make Show be the aggressor. Then like a hawk he can swoop down and make the kill.

Del Rio has everything he needs to beat Show at the Royal Rumble. He can survive, but only if he's on top of his game. Otherwise, Show will leave the arena with a few more pounds around his waist.