When Will Big E. Langston Wrestle His First Match on WWE Television?

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistJanuary 25, 2013

courtesy of WWE.com
courtesy of WWE.com

If you have been watching Raw over the course of the last month or so, you cannot help but notice the lurking behemoth that always seems to be filling space in the corner of Dolph Ziggler.

Yes, from the moment he made his main-roster debut with a quick, crushing beatdown of John Cena, Big E. Langston has made his presence felt at nearly every opportunity presented to him.

However, despite his dominant physical presence and intimidating persona, Langston has yet to compete in an actual match—which has left the WWE Universe to wonder when exactly Langston will do so for the first time.

A former college football player at the University of Iowa, Langston was signed by the WWE in 2009 and has worked his way through the developmental system ever since. As the current NXT champion, Langston is no stranger to life between the ropes. After defeating current Shield member Seth Rollins for the title in December, Langston made his main-roster debut shortly thereafter with the aforementioned attack on Cena.

But when will he receive the opportunity to actually step into a WWE ring and prove exactly what he can do? One would think that Langston would have already began to compete in matches with Ziggler at the very least.

Yet,  there is still a mystery as to what exactly Langston’s actual in-ring abilities are; but as the champion of their developmental territory, the company must believe in his skills enough to garner that level of success.

Very agile for his size, and with a set of power moves that is second to nearly no one on the WWE roster, Langston could make an immediate impact in whatever feud he was placed in, whether it was on his own or as hired muscle for Ziggler and AJ Lee.

On top of this, his innovative Big Ending finisher is nothing short of devastating. In fact, Langston is also known to routinely demand a five-count instead of the traditional three-count when pinning his opponents.

The company could take a similar approach to Langston’s push as they did with Ryback, lining up an endless gauntlet of enhancement talent that he could easily dominate.

Or they could bypass this and place him in a feud with Cena. It would automatically give Langston credibility, as he would be squaring off with the company's golden boy.

Conversely, Cena would benefit from a program, even a brief one, with some new competition. His matches with Ziggler and CM Punk were some of his best, but even Cena needs a break from the upper echelon of the roster occasionally. Exacting revenge against Langston might be something the WWE Universe would be very excited to see.

Or even a feud with a lower-level face like Zack Ryder or Brodus Clay could set the wheels in motion for a big run for the young up-and-comer.

In any event, if the company does not make the move to insert Langston into some type of in-ring competition, he may lose credibility as a  Superstar and begin to function simply as hired muscle with no real place.

This could lead to a big ending for Langston’s career, though perhaps not a happy one.