Colin Kaepernick Has 15 Pizzas Delivered to the 49ers' Media Trailer

Tyson LanglandNFC West Lead WriterJanuary 25, 2013

Image via Tim Kawakami's Twitter
Image via Tim Kawakami's Twitter

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Second-year quarterback Colin Kaepernick has only started but a handful of games for the San Francisco 49ers, yet he is already trying to cozy up to the media. Before Thursday's practice, he had 15 pizzas from Pizza My Heart delivered to feed the media:

I had lunch, so no Kaepernick pizza for me (from Pizza My Heart), but that's a unique thing, no doubt.

— Tim Kawakami (@timkawakami) January 24, 2013

As Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News said, it is indeed a unique thing to do. I was paging through Google search results to see if any other player had ever done something like this during the Internet age, but to no avail; I couldn't find anything relative.

Naturally, it is quite possible that some player at some point in history has bought members of the media lunch. Naturally, it wasn't reported because no one cared, or because it happened so long ago that everyone forget.

Regardless, pizza from Pizza My Heart isn't the average pizza you will find from a national chain. Pizza My Heart is a California-based pizza company that was founded in 1981. According to their website, they are family owned and they have no plans of franchising or selling out.

Moreover on Yelp, people have rated the pizza joint four of five stars and reviewed it as one of the cheapest places to order a quality pizza. It's good to know Kaepernick knows how to save money while doing a good deed. 

All jokes aside, it never hurts to get in the media's good graces. Trust me, free food is a one-way street to a media member's heart. If the 49ers win the Super Bowl, I have a feeling Kaepernick will become Pizza My Heart's newest sponsor.

Even if the sponsorship doesn't happen, at least Kap can say he has handed out more free pizzas to the media than Peyton Manning. Manning owns 21 Papa John's franchises, and he has yet to do something like this.

However, No. 18 has been around the media long enough. I'm sure he realizes by now that you could feed the masses everyday, but that won't change a thing. Reporters are still going to say whatever they want, so why even try?

Kaepernick has only made seven career starts, so give it a few more starts and he will grow tired of the media.