Liverpool Transfer Rumors: Why Reds Need to Get Philippe Coutinho

Jeremy FuchsCorrespondent IIIJanuary 25, 2013

Phillippe Coutinho would provide great depth for Liverpool.
Phillippe Coutinho would provide great depth for Liverpool.

There are plenty of Liverpool transfer rumors out there, and it's becoming clear that the Reds need to get Phillippe Coutinho.

The 20-year-old Brazilian, currently playing for Inter Milan, has received an offer worth €10 million, or $13.4 million from Liverpool according to The Telegraph.

They are competing with Southampton, who put a €10.2 million, or nearly $13.7 million on the table, according to the Daily Mail.

Coutinho would provide much-needed depth for the Reds. 

He's a versatile player who still hasn't reached his full potential. The midfielder can do double duty at striker, as well.

He's very fast and has incredible ball skills. When he has the ball in the open field, he's nearly impossible to catch and can make a few breathtaking moves.

Coutinho will score a bunch of goals for the Reds, and the great thing is that he's still developing.

He'd also be a great fit. As Dylan Fahy of The Independent notes:

Brendan Rogers has created a side that balances a distinct passing style with a direct edge. Coutinho’s physical attributes have been questioned, but a push for strength could compromise his pace and trickery on the ball. Working in a similar position to Raheem Sterling might be the ideal solution, as a central role could expose his weakness from challenges.

Putting an elite talent into a favorable system that hides his limitations is perfect for a young player. At only 5'8", he doesn't have the size to truly dominate all the time, so using him in a situational role would maximize his talent. 

It's a lot of money for a situational player, but he's an unique talent who has the ability to change the course of games. When he enters a match, he could use his blinding speed to stretch the defense and open up opportunities for himself and others. 

It's clear that, despite the money, Coutinho is worth it. He would provide valuable depth and some game-breaking talent that the Reds need to get to the next level. 

It's simple—the Reds need to get Phillippe Coutinho.