Liverpool Transfer News: Players Who Could Still Join Reds at Deadline

PJ BernackiCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2013

Suarez Needs Some Help
Suarez Needs Some HelpLaurence Griffiths/Getty Images

After 23 games this season, Liverpool sits on the outside of the top tier of the English Premier League, and with the transfer period ending in less than a week, it is clear that the Reds need to look for some help.

Liverpool is currently seventh in the table but has posted four losses and three draws to the six opponents currently above them. Fortunately for Liverpool fans, there are still a few options out there, and the club seems to be willing to pay. Let’s look at who’s most likely to be a Red by Jan. 31st.

One aspect lacking from Liverpool’s game is a lack of depth and production on the offensive side of the ball. Besides Luis Suarez, the squad struggles to get the ball in the back of the net, and if he or Steven Gerrard has an off-game, then it usually doesn’t end in a victory. Inter Milan’s Philippe Coutinho could’ve certainly helped, but it has been reported that Inter accepted Southampton’s higher bid of £10.2 million (over £2 million more than Liverpool offered).

So, that leaves Liverpool looking elsewhere for an attacker, and a few young players have come up in the discussion.

Barcelona’s 21-year-old winger, Isaac Cuenca, has not played much for the club due to injury, so the Reds could get a promising talent for a cheap price. Their interest is clear, but other big-name clubs such as Arsenal have also expressed a desire to sign the young footballer.

Another player that has flown under the radar in the transfer discussions is New Zealander Marco Rojas. Like Cuenca, Rojas is a 21-year-old winger who will be available for cheap because his club, the Melbourne Victory, won’t have the cash to re-sign him at the end of the season.

Following the trend of 21-year-old wingers, Liverpool has also been looking at Chesterfield’s Tendayi Darikwa. Unlike the other two players mentioned, Darikwa shows much more promise, and this League 2 club understands this and is asking £2 million Euros for him. Seeing as Liverpool needs to improve offensively (for the present and the future), and they have showed that they are willing to spend money this transfer period, it is a strong possibility they take a chance on Darikwa even though it is a hefty price for an over-20 League 2 player.

With the few big names being swept up off the market, Liverpool’s options are getting slimmer each day. It is likely that they will sign at least one of these attackers to add to their bench and their future. With his low price, Cuenca is probably the highest value for Liverpool at this point, but Darikwa might be worth the gamble at this point in the season.