Prepare for Super Adorable Puppy Bowl IX with Live Streaming of Locker Room

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 25, 2013

Photo Credit: Animal Planet
Photo Credit: Animal Planet

If you are able to restrain yourself from hugging your computer monitor, I would suggest taking a gander at the Puppy Bowl IX live locker room stream. 

The hard hits and diabolical cunning of some adorable puppies is coming back to a TV or computer screen near you. Yes, Puppy Bowl IX is a little over a week away, so you better start practicing your high-pitched squeals of OMG. 

If brief stints of puppies bowling over one another wasn't enough for you on Super Bowl Sunday, Animal Planet is giving you the cutest thing this side of Tim Tebow pretending to be a quarterback. 

Here is a link to the "Locker Room" Live Stream that will feature puppies as they prepare for the big day of doing pretty much the same exact thing they do on every other day, only it will be shown nationally. 

Puppy Bowl Coverage

While you get all the virtual cuddles you could possibly need in the link above, many of you will either seriously, or ironically, tune into the Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. Reports hint there will be live coverage on the website as well. 

Here are the vitals. 

Date: Sunday, February 3 (Duh, same day as Super Bowl)

Time: 3 p.m. ET (website does mention 3 pm E/P, so we imagine they are delaying these precious moments for the west coast)

Channel: Animal Planet and Animal 

The Lineup

As if a live locker room stream and hours of fun on Super Bowl Sunday weren't enough, Animal Planet gives fans a lineup that will have you saying "Awwww!" out loud, or merely breathing through your nose a bit harder than usual as you read this. 

If we are looking for favorites, I have Blitz here, who is 11 weeks and "Rode a plane, subway, AND a taxi in 24 hours."

Then again, maybe I'll roll with Chestnut who, "loves to play and snuggle." Um, who doesn't!?!?

If you need a respite from a hard day at work, you can catch some puppies snuggle all through the lead up to the Super Bowl. 

The Puppy Bowl, now with more puppy. 


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