Super Bowl 2013: Breaking Down Potential MVP Candidates

Jeremy FuchsCorrespondent IIIJanuary 25, 2013

Colin Kaepernick is a top candidate to be Super Bowl MVP.
Colin Kaepernick is a top candidate to be Super Bowl MVP.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Who will be the MVP in Super Bowl 2013? It's a fiercely debated question.

There are many good choices, and anyone can come out of nowhere to have a huge game.

However, there are a few candidates who have the best chance of winning the MVP trophy.

Read on to find out who they are.


Colin Kaepernick, QB, San Francisco

A quarterback has won the last three Super Bowl MVPs and five out of the last six.

Odds are that a quarterback will win it again.

Which is good news for Colin Kaepernick. He's had an amazing playoff run.

In two games, Kaepernick has thrown for 496 yards and three touchdowns. He's also rushed for 202 yards and two touchdowns.

He's been pretty much unstoppable.

If he continues this in the Super Bowl and the Niners win, then Kaepernick is the logical choice for MVP.

Of course, the Niners have to win. But if they do, Kaepernick stands a great chance of raising the MVP trophy. 


Joe Flacco, QB, Baltimore

Kaepernick has gotten a lot of press, but Joe Flacco has been quite good in his own right this postseason.

In three games, Flacco has thrown for 853 yards, eight touchdowns and zero interceptions.

He's the main reason the Ravens are in this game. His mistake-free play has kept the Ravens in games.

If he continues that kind of play in the Super Bowl, then the Ravens stand a good shot of winning. If they win, it's likely that Flacco will be a big reason why. 

If they win, Flacco is the likeliest candidate to hoist the MVP trophy. 


Aldon Smith, LB, San Francisco

Aldon Smith had 19.5 sacks in the regular season, along with 66 tackles and an interception.

In the playoffs, he has only three tackles.

What has happened to Smith? Why has his production fallen off?

There's no clear answer, but what is clear is that Smith is capable of putting up huge numbers. 

He had three games with two sacks in the regular season and one game with a remarkable 5.5 sacks. He knows how to get after the quarterback.

Working in his favor is the fact that the Ravens have given up 38 sacks this year. Joe Flacco is not the most mobile quarterback, so there will be plenty of opportunities for Smith to get after him.

If Smith can get a few sacks, then there is no reason why he can't win the MVP award. 


Ray Lewis, LB, Baltimore

Ray Lewis's farewell tour has been quite remarkable. Since returning from injury in the Wild Card Round, Lewis has 44 tackles and one pass deflection.

He's clearly lost a few steps as he ages, but he's still productive and the leader of the Baltimore defense.

If the Ravens end up putting on a dominant defensive performance, then it's likely that Lewis will get consideration for the award.

Lewis was the Super Bowl XXXV MVP. That was a game in which the Ravens defense was completely dominant. He had five tackles and four pass deflections in that game.

If Lewis and the Ravens defense put on an effort like that, then the award is his.