Audi Super Bowl Commercial Provides a Prom Choose Your Own Epic Adventure

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 25, 2013

In an effort to change with the times, Audi is hoping to get your attention before the Super Bowl while still incorporating the element of surprise during the Big Day, all with a fantastic collection of commercials. 

Earlier in the week, we brought you the latest Super Bowl ad to be leaked to the masses well before the actual game, something that is becoming all too common. 

That one featured Kate Upton in a spot for Mercedes-Benz, one that teased more delights on February 3. 

Instead of whining about the proliferation of Super Bowl commercials leaked to the media, it may be time to just get used to it because, if 2012 was any indication, there will be many more ads hitting your Twitter and Facebook feeds shortly. 

The good news is it seems some companies are trying to make it worth your while to tune in early. Audi, for their part, has 3 possible endings to a commercial that really works well for marquee placement. 

Here are all three, starting with the first entitled, "Worth It." By the end, you will understand why they chose to title in that way. 

Being that the only real change is to the ending, we will skip ahead to the altered parts. 

Here is "Buddies," which is all about being a hero to buddies who are jealous of your courageous exploits. 

Lastly, we have "Tradition." Stay for after the end of the ad for the reason why this particular spot gets its title. 

And with that, you have three possible endings for one amazing night for a high school student who begins the night an awkward mess and ends up with a black eye and a moment he will treasure forever. 

I wish I had an Audi growing up, because it seems to make high school all the more tolerable. 

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