WWE Royal Rumble 2013: The Rock Beats CM Punk and What It Means for the WWE

David LevinSenior Writer IIJanuary 28, 2013


OMG! The Rock has come back to the WWE. Forget about the problems that could exist from the idea of a part-time champion, and think of the possibilities.

On a night where the Battle Royale at the Royal Rumble gave us an awesome match, a predictable finish and a great start in the "Road to WrestleMania 29," The Rock and the WWE were the biggest winners of the night. Yes, John Cena becoming the top contender for both the WWE Title and World Championship in one night is huge news (sorry Dolph Ziggler), but it was "The Great One" who stole the show in Phoenix.

Not even an alleged ambush from The Shield could stop The Rock from dethroning CM Punk after 434 days with the gold around his waist.

What a great way to start the pay-per-view year.

As I always say, "So many questions are still unanswered." When we receive those answers will depend on how the WWE handles arguably the most popular superstar in the history of the company. It's hard to argue with the success of such a great "former" champion. It's also hard to argue the match between CM Punk and The Rock was better than Rock vs. Cena at WrestleMania 28. Where the WWE decides The Rock goes from here is anyone's guess.

What happens at Elimination Chamber? What happens at WrestleMania 29 in New Jersey? What happens with Hollywood? Heck, what happens on Monday Night Raw? And what does Vince McMahon have in store for The Shield, CM Punk and anyone else on the short list of players for the immediate future?

I'm not sure three hours can solve all those issues and we haven't even talked about Ryback, the return of Chris Jericho and the other prominent wrestlers such as Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett and Sheamus.

Watching Raw has become "Must See Television" thanks to a returning star, a catch phrase, the need to see the soap opera continue and most of all, to watch who becomes the new focal point when a company such as this wrestling outfit needs some fresh blood.

The best thing about The Rock winning is the old has become new again, and fans still welcome it with open arms.