WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Match Card: Rhodes Scholars Must Shine Sunday

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJanuary 27, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

As great as Team Hell No has been since they teamed up a few months ago, it’s time for the tag team champions to drop the titles at the Royal Rumble and begin the slow burn towards their eventual disbandment.

Team Rhodes Scholars must step up now for the tag team division to stay as strong as Team Hell No has made it.

While the division is much better now than it was before Kane and Daniel Bryan became the odd couple everyone loves, the WWE Universe is mistaken if they think that the company has fixed its tag team issues.

Besides Team Hell No and Rhodes Scholars, where is the depth in the division?

As much as the Prime Time Players, The Usos, Epico and Primo, and others could be viable contenders, they are not being built as serious threats at all.

If Team Hell No disbands, the Rhodes Scholars will be left on their own in a sea of jobber tag teams.

Kane or Daniel Bryan will eventually turn on their partner, and when they begin to cost each other victories, the WWE must ensure that the secondary teams in the division are picking up those wins.

With Rhodes Scholars as the champions and Team Hell No putting every other team in the division over before disbanding, the former champions will give the tag team scene one last rub before heading back to singles action.

Kane and Daniel Bryan are better off as singles competitors, but their foray into tag team wrestling proved that both have the talent and versatility to play any role the WWE asks of them.

Now the WWE must follow through with the strengthening of the tag team division by giving Rhodes Scholars legitimate competition.

Now is Cody Rhodes and Damian Sandow’s time to shine and prove they too can carry the division just like Team Hell No.


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