Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commercial: Breaking Down New Kate Upton Ad

Matt FitzgeraldCorrespondent IIIJanuary 28, 2013

Model Kate Upton appears in a Super Bowl teaser ad for Mercedes-Benz's 2014 CLA automobile.
Model Kate Upton appears in a Super Bowl teaser ad for Mercedes-Benz's 2014 CLA automobile.Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Prolific automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz released a teaser for its new high-profile commercial featuring prominent model Kate Upton, which will air during the Super Bowl next Sunday.

Upton is perhaps best known for gracing the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2012, and this ad is sure to create even more waves for both Upton and Mercedes-Benz.

The commercial depicts a slow-motion shot of Upton starting at the ground and moving all the way up to her face, capturing all of her slender 5'10" frame. She is seen wearing small jean shorts and a somewhat revealing black top.

The theme of the ad indicates that Upton will be deliberately washing the company's 2014 Mercedes CLA model car in slow motion. In the next shot, Upton is holding foamed soap in her left hand off to the side with a suggestive expression on her face. She then blows the soap from her palm and glances back toward the camera.

That then fades to a sparklingly clean, sliver-colored version of the new car, brimming with soap on the hood and dripping from the side view mirror with water.

Three men wearing red football jerseys are revealed, washing the coupe while Upton stands off to the side. They may be washing the car, but it is clear that Upton's presence has diverted their attention from the task at hand.

The gawking men are mesmerized by Upton, who flashes a closeup smile and an unwavering gaze, much to the delight of the working trio of men.

Upton then really turns up the heat, with power lines and a desert scenery behind her as she runs her hands through her hair as she approaches the car. The funniest moment occurs when one of the car washers operating the hose soaks his friend in the face across the way.

Finally, Upton delivers the punchline: "You missed a spot."

The man she tells to work harder can't help gawking once again as she walks away, and two other presumed football players do the same, fixated on Upton as they hold signs and balloons.

At the conclusion, the ad notes that more on the car can be found at Mercedes-Benz USA's official Facebook page and at

The car itself is yet another fine piece of machinery, but Upton's appearance makes this commercial one that will likely be a hot topic amongst the forthcoming Super Bowl ads.