WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Montreal Screwjob, Please Shut Your Mouth

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJanuary 27, 2013

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

The professional wrestling industry has no shortage on the embittered and rant-happy. Sure, it can be an ugly business with unhappy endings, and those who choose to sound off about its pitfalls have every right to be heard. But there eventually comes a time when it becomes necessary to move on.

If you liked the first 15 accounts of the Montreal Screw Job, then you're going to love the 200-something edition, held Saturday during the Royal Rumble fan fest. 

The WWE peddled its aging scandal out to the nearest Phoenix street corner and once again sold her to anybody who still cared to listen.  Of course, she was all dolled up with a legendary panel of Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and moderator Jerry Lawler. 

The panel uncovered the no-longer-shocking revelation of Bret Hart's demise.  Vince was wrong.  Shawn was wrong.  Bret was right.  Drive safely. 

It's WWE's over-told tale of wrongdoing and betrayal that just won't die.  Professional wrestling's equivalent to the Manti Te'o story. 

Times 15.

The story will not be rehashed in this format so as not to defeat the purpose of this article.  But to think that it will go away anytime soon is naive.

One year following Bret Hart's unceremonious exit from the WWE, the WWE reenacted that very finish en route to crowning The Rock a first-time WWE Champion.  Teddy Long played Vince McMahon in one particular reenactment back in 2009. 

Even TNA got in on the fun one night in Orlando. 

The angle seemed to finally see its first sign of closure in 2010, when Bret Hart made an unthinkable return to the WWE.  Following a public embrace with Shawn Michaels, the happy ending had been written. 

But WWE kept going anyway.

One year later, at WWE Money in the Bank, Vince McMahon returned to ringside to reprise his role as the corrupt ruler.  He was intent on screwing CM Punk to prevent him from leaving the WWE with the WWE championship.  That attempt was thwarted by John Cena. 

In 2012, Hart and Michaels were the subjects of a DVD focusing on the events leading up to the Montreal Screw Job.  It soon became obvious that Hart's reconciliation with the WWE wasn't closure for this dated controversy. 

It was marketing. 

The Montreal Screw Job has become grandpa's favorite childhood story that he forgot he already talked about.

So bummed that I missed the Montreal Screw Job Panel at Fanfest. The #WWE will probably never talk about this historic event again. #Sarcasm

— Big Nasty (@ThisIsNasty) January 27, 2013

And with five years left until the 20th anniversary of Survivor Series '97, the WWE universe hasn't even come close to hearing the end of it. 

Expect the WWE to partner up with Home Depot and roll out commemorative nuts, bolts and, yes, pink and black Montreal Screw Job screws. 

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