Chelsea Transfer News: Blues Must Sign Willian Before Deadline

Lucas Parolin@@Lucas_ParolinCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2013

Willian is the key to Chelsea's offense
Willian is the key to Chelsea's offenseBryn Lennon/Getty Images

Chelsea has the perfect opportunity to add the young, talented and dynamic Willian from Shakhtar Donetsk to their roster, as the forward wants to join the Blues. What could possibly go wrong?

Willian has stated before that he would be more than willing to join Stamford Bridge. He told Sky Sports he was disappointed to see his current club spoil his dreams of moving to a bigger club in a bigger league.

"If I tell you that I was happy, I would be lying. My desire was there, with a €25 million (£20.3m) offer from a big club like Chelsea. I wanted to pack my things and go, but I can't do that as I am under contract."

"I have tried to convince them many times to let me go. I know that Juventus and Chelsea have made offers to buy me and that motivates me a lot."

"The club know that I want to leave, everyone knows that. The president has told me that he'll let me go for €30million (£24.4m) and my intention is to sign for a big club."

There is really no reason Chelsea should not be opening up their checkbooks right now for the Brazilian forward.

Willian, a creation from Brazil’s club Corinthians, is the focal point of the Ukranian team Shakhtar Donetsk, which has come to certain fame over the last few years with decent showings in the UEFA Champions League.

Willian is highly skilled, fast and has a keen sense to find the goal. He is more than ready to face bigger challenges in his career and could be the piece missing from Chelsea’s scheme.

As Fernando Torres continues his constant struggles in a blue uniform, Willian is the No. 9 Blues’ fans have been looking for since Drogba’s departure.  To pair him up with Eden Hazard’s similar speed and Oscar’s touch and quick thinking would instantly form one of the most dangerous attacking trios in the world. Add Juan Mata and Ramires to the mix and you have the fastest midfield-attack combination in the world.

The move makes sense for both sides, as Willian would finally get the recognition he deserves (can you believe he has only been called up to the Brazilian national squad twice?), while Chelsea would get the scoring force they need.

Make the call, Rafa!