Brock Lesnar Reportedly Almost Rejoined UFC Before Inking New WWE Deal

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IJanuary 28, 2013

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Before Brock Lesnar reportedly signed his new two-year extension with WWE, he supposedly was very close to rejoining UFC, according to an Internet report. reports that the former WWE and UFC champion had been approached by UFC president Dana White last year about rejoining the company and fighting former MMA great Fedor Emelianenko. The report states that released a video of White explaining the attempt to re-sign Lesnar for another UFC run, including how White lied about the progress of the Lesnar discussions in an attempt to keep them secret:

White also noted that when he claimed a meeting with Lesnar went awful last year, it was actually a great meeting over putting that fight together, so he was trying to throw the media off the story. Obviously, it doesn't matter now since Lesnar is locked in for a new two-year WWE deal…but it's an interesting look into what could have been.

The report states that if UFC had been successful in getting Lesnar and Emelianenko to fight, the event would have been “huge.” According to his Wikipedia page, Emelianenko went undefeated for almost a decade in mixed martial arts and is considered by some analysts to be the greatest MMA fighter of all time.

He currently is pursuing a political career in his native Russia.

After almost eight years of pro wrestling and one year of professional football, Lesnar began his MMA career in 2007. He held the UFC Heavyweight Championship once, but his career was marred by bouts with the intestinal disorder diverticulitis and a mix of controversial comments and actions.

His return to WWE in April 2012 was met with a huge reaction from the WWE Universe, particularly when he hit John Cena with his F-5 finishing move. He later lost to Cena in a bloody match at Extreme Rules.

Lesnar’s latest turn in WWE has not been without controversy. His storyline demands from then-Raw GM John Laurinaitis included the addition of “starring Brock Lesnar” to the Raw title and the use of the company jet to bring him to Raw shows. COO Paul "Triple H" Levesque refused to honor those demands, and the two engaged in a storyline feud that saw Lesnar reportedly break Levesque’s arm.

Lesnar later defeated Triple H at SummerSlam and announced the next night his intention to leave WWE.

His return to WWE has been repeatedly teased, but he has yet to make an appearance. He has been rumored to make his next appearance in late February or early March.

His former manager, Paul Heyman, has since aligned himself with CM Punk, leaving many wrestling fans hoping to see a union of Punk and Lesnar in some kind of heel stable.


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