Big Show: Is 2013 His Last Year in the WWE?

Sebastian Maldonado@!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistJanuary 30, 2013

photo on Flickr by Anton Jackson
photo on Flickr by Anton Jackson

Big Show’s last year in the WWE could be this year.

According to, Show’s contract was expiring, which is why he recently dropped the title to Alberto Del Rio. However, Show did re-sign with the company later in the week.

The question is, will 2013 be Big Show’s last year in the WWE?

Over the last two years, he’s effectively put over talent. Those he’s fought in that time include Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes and Sheamus.

His feuds with Sheamus and Henry demonstrated Show had plenty of legs left. Show and Henry’s fights made Henry a legitimate champion. The war with Sheamus showed the Irishman's vulnerable side, which was never seen before their feud.

His matches with Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes brought them more exposure. Bryan defeated the Big Show for the title at the 2011 TLC pay-per-view. Rhodes and Show fought for the Intercontinental title in a feud that culminated at Extreme Rules.

Show also put CM Punk over at SummerSlam, when Punk pinned Show to keep his WWE title reign going.

The past two years showed Big Show still has juice. The WWE is hoping that same magic happens during his current feud with Alberto Del Rio. From a storyline standpoint, there’s not much left for Show to do.

I've mentioned how Show’s persona runs in circles. I still stand by that from a storyline perspective.

He’s wrestled since 1997. Although he’s not as agile as he once was, he can still move for a 40-year-old giant.

2013 could be Big Show’s last year in the WWE. Thanks to his recent work, he could retire by putting on one last great match to end his illustrious career.