Brock Lesnar: A Match With Triple H Must Happen at Elimination Chamber

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJanuary 30, 2013

The WWE may not be "The Sopranos," but the same holds true for both soap opera—you never go against the family.

On Monday night, Brock Lesnar may have done the unthinkable in giving the F-5 to Vince McMahon and in doing so, broke the WWE Chairman's pelvis.

While the storyline throughout the night was predictable and Lesnar was certain to reveal his evilness at the end of the program, biting, or in this case injuring, the hand that feeds can only lead to Triple H fighting the good fight for the McMahon family.

And may also lead to the return of Stephanie McMahon to a more active role on television (please). 

The last time we saw Triple H in the ring, Lesnar broke his arm for the second time. It would seem after that injury (and also after Lesnar broke the arm of Triple H's best friend Shawn Michaels the week before SummerSlam) and having now injured his father-in-law, Triple H should return to the ring and triumphantly defend the family's honor.

I know, it sounds way too simple to happen. Things in the WWE don't work that easily. How could we expect the writers and corporate to get it right for a second straight pay-per-view. This one, however, has to happen.

Lesnar appears in the WWE at a time when Paul Heyman has been exposed (without the knowledge of CM Punk), The Rock has become the WWE champion, John Cena is going to WrestleMania and Alberto Del Rio is a crowd favorite. Yes, times have changed.

While we should wait to see what happens with the Heyman/Punk/Lesnar triangle and the relationship with The Shield, it is certain at some point Triple H should come out from the back and get in the face of The Beast.

Every wrestling family, face or heel, defends itself. the Briscos. the Funks, the Andersons, the Von Erichs, and yes, the McMahons. The battle lines have been drawn for a while. Heyman's performance was masterful on Monday night, and now it's time to see another masterstroke for Triple H.

This time, it should happen in a match, not just in the ring with words.