Dennis Rodman Writes Children's Book 'Dennis the Wild Bull'

Josh BenjaminCorrespondent IJanuary 31, 2013

29 Nov 1997:  Forward Dennis Rodman of the Chicago Bulls stands on the court during a game against the Washington Wizards at the US Airways Arena in Landover, Maryland.  The Bulls won the game 88-83. Mandatory Credit: Doug Pensinger  /Allsport
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Dennis Rodman has done it again, folks. Just when we thought he couldn't do another thing to shock us, from the hair to the ink to the appearance on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, the Hall of Famer has gone the extra mile in writing a children's book.

According to InsideHoops, the book is called Dennis the Wild Bull and tells the story of a bull just seeking to be accepted. As Rodman put it, the book itself conveys a message that all kids should take to heart.

“More than anything, I just want little kids today just to understand, ain’t no matter what you do in life, be different, rich or poor man, guess what, it’s OK to be who you are pretty much and you’ll be accepted,” Rodman said.

It's great that Rodman wants kids to learn how to accept who they are and have high self-esteem, but it looks like he got a little TOO into writing this book. Brian Mahoney of the Associated Press tweeted a picture of the cover, and one can see just how much of himself Rodman put into the title character.

Look, I get it. Rodman is retired now and needs to do something now that he's settling into life away from the hardwood.

But writing a children's book where he is the obvious title character? That's a bit self-indulgent, no?

I understand where the guy is coming from, but let's be serious. Dennis Rodman is probably the last man who should be giving advice to random children.

I mean, what's going to happen in the book? A cameraman takes a picture of Dennis the Wild Bull and then gets subsequently kicked? Will the color of Dennis' fur constantly change?

Either way, though I don't have any children of my own, this is a book I definitely want to check out. Rodman is the last man I'd expect to write such a book, and it's going to be interesting to see if the story of Dennis the Wild Bull proves just why that is the case.