Colin Kaepernick's Turtle Is a Tortoise, for Those of You Wondering

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJanuary 31, 2013

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His name is Sammy, and he is NOT a turtle.

He’s a tortoise. Get it right.

Shortly after the world became acquainted with 49ers new star quarterback Colin Kaepernick we were introduced to his giant desert tortoise, Sammy.

Sammy has been a member of the Kaepernick household since Colin was 10 years of age, and is said to have fit in the palm of his hand when he was first purchased (Per

Well, like Colin, Sammy has grown in the last 15 years and now tips the scale at 115 pounds.

And like his owner, Sammy has also recently become a bit of a big deal. He appears to keep himself quite busy these days, working the realm of social media.

It would appear that “Sammy” is writing blog posts, and has even spawned his own Twitter account (@SammyKaep7).

While Sammy doesn’t say much in person, the Twitter for the tortoise isn’t shy at all to speak out.

Based on the tweets, Sammy loves two things:

His "dad."

And cocktails.

And once again, he would really appreciate it if you would read a book for once and stopped calling him a turtle.

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