3 Things That Make 5-Star DT Eddie Vanderdoes Special

Randy ChambersAnalyst IFebruary 1, 2013

Credit: 247Sports
Credit: 247Sports

Eddie Vanderdoes is one of the many top 2013 recruits that are still trying to decide where he will play his college ball. With teams such as Alabama, USC and Notre Dame still heavily in the mix, it will be a race toward the finish line that will take place on national signing day.

Until then, all we can do is wait and see what his final decision will be. So as we wait patiently to find out where Vanderdoes will actually end up, let's take a look at some of the things that has made him such an attractive prospect to begin with.

Guys with his size and athleticism aren't found growing on trees, and they only come around once in a blue moon. There are many things that you can point out when breaking down this 5-star recruit, but here are the three that stand out the most.

Country-Boy Strong

There are some defensive linemen that rely purely on speed and can't break free once an offensive lineman gets set and puts his hands on him. There are other guys who allow their overwhelming size to work in their favor and try to bully the lineman in front of them.

Then there are the players who are just from another planet, strength-wise, and can manhandle their way through the line.

Vanderdoes is that strong player on the line who shows on every play that he has spent many long nights lifting weights and drinking protein shakes.

You have to give some of the credit to good genes. However, the rest of his upper body he worked hard for, and it has paid off in a big way. Sometimes you wonder if he is actually going to pick the lineman up and kindly place him to the side so he can get to the quarterback.

This kid is a beast when it comes to strength, and he has abused many high school kids because of it. It will really be fascinating to see how he matches up with guys around his size and if this translates well at the college level.

Quickness off the Ball

One wouldn't think that a guy 6'2", 310 pounds isn't quick off the ball. Heck, as soon as you mention the words defensive tackle, you immediately picture a big guy in the middle of the line that is going to just be a run-stuffer on defense.

However, Vanderdoes isn't your ordinary defensive tackle prospect. After all, there is a reason he is a 5-star player. Despite his tremendous size, he gets off the snap extremely well and actually makes more plays in the backfield than you would expect to see. He uses his hands well, and while his main objective is to clog running lanes, he can become a force at rushing the passer and stopping running  behind the line of scrimmage.

It isn't too often when you see a kid as big as Vanderdoes that is able to move as well as he does. Whichever team picks him up will be getting a complete defensive tackle that is more than a big guy that is only used to take up space.

Different Combinations to Break Free

If a combination of size, strength and speed wasn't enough for you to like Vanderdoes as a prospect, he also has an arsenal of weapons to beat offensive linemen.

You can watch that video over and over again and be amazed at what you are seeing. Can anybody block this kid? Not hardly. His swim move is well-developed and shouldn't even be allowed from somebody who is as big as he is. His spin move seems to be his favorite, and it works to perfection. He also does a good job of splitting the double-team and flies into the backfield practically untouched.

So not only is he a gigantic defensive lineman who is strong and athletic, but he has more than one move he can show the guy trying to block him. This will always keep the opposing offensive lineman on his toes and make him an even better pass-rusher than most expect.

With this speed and polished moves he has added to his toolbox, Vanderdoes gives a team options to either leave him at defensive tackle or line him up at strong-side defensive end. You really can't go wrong with versatility.