Panic In Chicago As Using Jay Cutler In Simulation Makes The Bears Worse

Jeremy WilliamsContributor IApril 5, 2009

The million dollar question.... Will Jay Cutler's play will make a marked improvement for the Chicago Bears or did the Bears make a tremendous mistake?

I used a highly scientific research simulation to answer this question.

Using Madden 2009 for the Wii, I plugged Jay Cutler into the Bears roster and had him simulate the entire 2008 season. 

The data is shocking.  Please sit down before you continue to read.

I will compare the Orton-lead Bears to the simulated Cutler-lead Bears.


Orton-Lead Bears 

Record: 9-7

Big Wins: @ IND, PHI, GB, MIN

Key Losses: TB, ATL, @ MIN

Orton Production: 2972 Yds, 18 TD, 12 INT

Forte Production: 316ATT, 1238 Yds,
3.9 YPA, 8 TD


Cutler-lead Bears

Record: 6-10

Big Wins: @ MIN, GB, TEN

Key Losses: Many

Simulated Cutler Production: 2610 Yds, 13 TD, 25 Int

Simulated Forte Production: 425 ATT, 1934 Yds, 4.5 YPA, 14 TD


Ironically, in my simulation the Bears missed the playoffs by one game and Minnesota won the division with a record of 7-9. 

The Broncos finished at 6-10 also.

Some of you might be saying, "Wow, this sounds incredibly accurate, but how do I know this study is legit?"

For the doubters, all you need to know is the St. Louis Rams finished the regular season with the #1 seed and a 14-2 record. 

Convinced now?  I knew you would be.


What are the ramifications of this meaningful study?

Clearly, this means that we should immediately trade Cutler back. 

With the Bears record suffering through this addition, I am begging you Jerry Angelo, take Jay Cutler and the receipt you got when acquiring him (please tell me you didn't throw away the receipt), and return him to Pat Bowlen ASAP. 


Please note: I tried do run this simulation on my Super Nintendo with Madden '93 but I couldn't import the rosters.