Jim Harbaugh's Wife Sarah Will Be Super Bowl Support for 49ers Coach

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 1, 2013

Photo Credit: Kansas City.com
Photo Credit: Kansas City.com

While some of Jim Harbaugh's family is back home rooting on the 49ers coach at the Super Bowl, his wife Sarah will be nearby for support, much as she has for years. 

KCTV Kansas City has a wonderful report that really paints the picture of a persistent Harbaugh who wore down the beautiful Sarah. 

Her brother Marty Feuerborn recounts the early days of the Harbaugh courtship. 

When he first started talking to her, she wouldn't talk to him. And he chased her, and chased her and chased her. And to this day, Sarah says if her wouldn't have done that this wouldn't be here. 

Football fans are well aware of Jim Harbaugh and the tenacity that has made him such a success on the sidelines. 

Little did we know that the man who is as dedicated as they come would be such a romantic pest. It paid off, because Sarah finally relented, giving Harbaugh a warm face, amazing support and a wonderful family, easing the stress built through the grind of an NFL season. 

Not that it's at all easy. 

Sarah Harbaugh recently sat down with CSN Bay Area after a 49ers game, discussing the difficulty of marriage with a NFL coach. 

As you can hear, being married to a coach can be torturous during the agonizing pressure of regular season games. 

So we can imagine how things will be for her during Sunday's Super Bowl, with the added emotion of Jim coaching against his brother, Ravens coach, John Harbaugh. 

The couple had a chance meeting, the KCTV Kansas City report reminds us, back in Las Vegas. 

The second chapter of this family affair is right in the metro. Jim Harbaugh met his wife, Sarah, a Belton native, in Las Vegas of all places. She was selling real estate and he was in town for a coach's convention.

Player Wives offers a little more color to the meeting. 

Jim Harbaugh's wife Sarah Harbaugh (formerly Sarah Feuerborn) met the then San Diego State head coach in the parking lot of a PF Chang's in 2006, just months before Harbaugh jetted to Stanford for their head coaching gig. Sarah was still living in Las Vegas, and Jim Harbaugh was recently divorced from ex-wife Miah. They were married January 5, 2008. 

Harbaugh does have 3 children from his previous marriage, and was fortunate enough to see his third child from his current marriage delivered just last year. 

USA Today reported back in September that Sarah had given birth to little Jack, joining his two sisters Addison and Katherine. 

The whole Harbaugh clan will no doubt be wincing from the pressure of watching their father try and outduel their Uncle John. 

Now let's see if Jim's persistence ends in a Super Bowl victory. 


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