Michigan Football Recruiting: Derrick Green Will Ease Loss of Denard Robinson

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IFebruary 2, 2013

Photo Credit: 247Sports.com
Photo Credit: 247Sports.com

For you Michigan fans living under a rock since South Carolina beat you in the Outback Bowl, 5-star running back Derrick Green just committed to the Wolverines.

Given that Denard Robinson is headed to the NFL, that's huge news.

It comes at a good time for Michigan. Brady Hoke is pushing a pro-style offense, and now is the perfect time to do it. When the Wolverines transitioned to quarterback Devin Gardner late last season, they gave the offense to a guy who can be dangerous in the pocket but isn't the threat running the pigskin that Robinson was.

Michigan also picked up five 4-star offensive linemen in this year's class. They include offensive tackle Logan Tuley-Tillman, center Patrick Kugler and guards Kyle Bosch, David Dawson and Chris Fox, via 247Sports.com.

Perhaps what is more important than Green's talent is his running style. He's a powerful, downhill runner who loves smashing through the middle of the line and wearing down defenders throughout the game. He has a knack for falling forward upon contact, as well as pulling defenders with him for extra yardage.

Before Green, Michigan had redshirt senior Fitzgerald Toussaint, junior Thomas Rawls, redshirt sophomore Justice Hayes, redshirt freshman Drake Johnson and freshman DeVeon Smith in the backfield for next season. 

Rawls played well in limited duty last season, but struggled as the starter. Toussaint is coming off a major injury. Johnson has promise, but you have to give the edge to Green for the starting spot, based on his overall talent and running style.

It's up for debate whether Hoke actually cried upon Green's commitment to the Wolverines, but it wouldn't be surprising if he did. 

With the loss of Robinson, the Wolverines' backfield was looking questionable. It had potential on the offensive line but needed a running back who could shoulder the load.

Green could very well be that guy.


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