WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: Past Entrants Who Need to Stay out of the Chamber

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 4, 2013

Photo from WWE.com.
Photo from WWE.com.

When WWE decides who to put in the Elimination Chamber on Feb. 17, it needs to stay away from wrestlers who will only serve as filler and waste a spot for someone more deserving.

Booker T announced on Friday's SmackDown that six men will compete in an Elimination Chamber match for the right to face the World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania 29.

Dolph Ziggler declined to enter the mess of steel that is the chamber, and he has little reason to. The Money in the Bank contract is a far easier and less brutal path to the championship.

Who will then be placed in those Chamber pods? Who will try to outlast his five opponents for a chance at WWE gold?

Let's hope it's not any of these three men.


Great Khali

The Great Khali doesn't belong anywhere near the Elimination Chamber. Just about anyone would be preferable to having him hobble around the ring as stiffly as a horror-movie mummy.

Khali competed in 2012's World Heavyweight Championship Chamber match and shouldn't be asked to return to 2013's event.

His lack of mobility dampened the excitement of that bout, even in his limited time. Khali's contribution was a few brain chops and a quick exit.

If WWE wants a giant to provide the match with size, power and intimidation, it'd be better off going with the far more talented Kane.


Drew McIntyre

In 2011, Drew McIntyre fought alongside a host of other challengers for Edge's World Heavyweight title. Things have changed drastically for him since.

McIntyre is now a part of 3MB, a trio of jobbers and air-guitar aficionados.

WWE should avoid having 3MB participate in the Elimination Chamber in any form. The group has a place in the company, it's just not anywhere near the world title scene.

The former Intercontinental and tag team champ may one day find himself in a position to challenge for the World Heavyweight title but certainly not now. Putting McIntyre in the mix would only bring down the prestige of the contender pool.


Santino Marella

As exciting as Santino's near victory in 2012 was, it's not a performance that should lead to a sequel.

Should Santino somehow find his way into the 2013 chamber match, it'd be hard to buy him as a legitimate contender. Santino hasn't had a memorable win since beating Jack Swagger for the United States title last March.

Santino doing well in this year's Elimination Chamber match isn't going to fool anybody. There is virtually no chance that WrestleMania 29 is going to feature Santino versus the World Heavyweight champ.

The Chamber should be reserved only for those superstars who fans can buy as potential challengers. Santino isn't in that group.