Super Bowl Halftime Show 2013: Where Beyonce Will Rank Among Recent Acts

Benjamin KleinContributor IIIFebruary 2, 2013

Will Beyonce lip sync the Super Bowl Halftime Show?
Will Beyonce lip sync the Super Bowl Halftime Show?Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The Super Bowl halftime show has been inconsistent in recent memory, but Beyoncé surely won’t disappoint when she takes the stage on Super Bowl Sunday.

Beyoncé is one of the top female artists in the United States these days and is very deserving of the gig. She puts out hit after hit on the Top 100 chart; is extremely fashionable; has top-of-the-line dance moves; and is married to one of the most popular people in the world, Jay-Z.

After lip syncing during the Presidential Inauguration just a few days ago, Beyoncé came into the Super Bowl press conference looking to prove a point. That, she did. She came out onto the stage—with reporters ready to fire questions her way—and sang the National Anthem with everyone watching.

Getting called out for not actually singing last week didn’t seem to faze Beyoncé one bit, and she’s going to carry that pride into Sunday’s performance.

It would be an extremely bold move for her to do it again, but really, who lip syncs during the halftime show at the Super Bowl?

So we know Beyoncé is going to do her best to put on one of the best shows we’ve seen in a while. But how will her's compare to the last couple of halftime shows?

Madonna put on a great show last year in Indianapolis when the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. Her ability to appeal to several different age ranges really put her performance over the top.

The year prior was quite possibly one of the worst in history of halftime shows: the Black Eyed Peas. Maybe it’s just me, but it was one of the more boring things I’ve ever seen in any type of performance, not just when two Super Bowl teams take a break after 30 minutes.

The Black Eyed Peas were so bland and unentertaining, that it made my question why they got the gig in the first place—a question I’m sure crossed many minds.

It’s possible that the Black Eyed Peas seemed so bad because in 2010 during Super Bowl XLIV, The Who was incredible. They chose the perfect songs to perform and had one of the better light shows I’ve seen in a while. No matter what type or size TV you were watching from, their performance made you feel like you were at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

In order to be the best halftime show performer since 2010, Beyoncé is going to have to do a lot. Madonna and The Who put on top-notch shows that are going to be difficult to overtake.

I’m positive that Beyoncé is capable of topping those performances, but in the end, I doubt she lives up to the hype.

But then again, maybe she’ll lip sync the entire thing.