Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar Results: Breaking Down the FightMetric Numbers

Steven RondinaFeatured ColumnistFebruary 3, 2013

The FightMetric numbers, in some ways, back up the folks saying Frankie Edgar was robbed in his decision loss to Jose Aldo.
The FightMetric numbers, in some ways, back up the folks saying Frankie Edgar was robbed in his decision loss to Jose Aldo.Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Frankie Edgar, big surprise, had another fight go to the judges.

Frankie Edgar, big surprise, had another fight go to the judges that, really, was razor-thin.

Frankie Edgar, big surprise, gives us another excuse to delve into the Fightmetric numbers.

So how did these statistics look in Edgar's unanimous decision loss to Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo? Find out right here, and check out our analysis below!


The Raw Numbers

Total Strikes

Jose Aldo clocked in with 76 total strikes, all significant. Edgar, meanwhile, had 63 total strikes, 60 significant.

Aldo had 65 of those strikes land to Edgar's head (two to the body, nine to the legs). Edgar mixed it up more than he usually does, with 24 strikes to the head, 14 to the body and 25 to the legs.



Jose Aldo dominated the first two rounds. Round 1 saw Aldo land 21 strikes (18 to the head, three to the body) to Edgar's five. Round 2 was similarly lopsided with 19 strikes by Aldo (15 to the head, four to the legs), to seven by Edgar.

After that, though, the rounds were closer, but Edgar out-landed Aldo in each one. Round 3 was 19 to 15, Round 4 was 14 to 7 and Round 5 was 18 to 14.


Noteworthy Observations

Chael Sonnen was gushing over Jose Aldo on Fuel TV's post-fight coverage. The main thing he focused in on was Aldo's robotic accuracy, and it is showing in a profound way by the fact that 100 percent of Aldo's strikes landed were significant. By comparison, if you look at Bendo vs. Edgar 1, 87 percent of Henderson's strikes were significant, compared to 84 percent of Edgar's.

Relative to past performances, the biggest difference for both fighters was the number of leg strikes.

Jose Aldo's leg kicks became his signature strike after he destroyed Urijah Faber. However, in this bout, he plain-and-simple didn't throw many. He landed three heavy ones in Round 1 and four in Round 2. In Rounds 3 and 4 he landed just one in each, and he landed zero in Round 5.

Edgar, meanwhile, has never really been known for his kicks, and traditionally lands the largest number of strikes to opponents' heads. That said, he landed 25 total leg kicks, 12 of which qualified as “power” shots from FightMetric.

The most important non-striking metric, of course, were the takedowns. Of the 11 attempted by Edgar, only two officially stuck. Aldo, meanwhile, never went for a takedown.


FightMetric's Decision

Even though Edgar out-landed Aldo in three of five rounds, the UFC's official stat provider gave Aldo a big edge in their “Total Performance Rating,” 347-203. Officially, like two of the judges, they would score the bout 49-46 in favor of the champion.


My Observations

Personally, I scored the bout in favor of Frankie Edgar.

Aldo won the first two rounds handily, but Edgar, I felt, got the better of the final three rounds. Looking purely at the strike totals, I was correct.

In the final three rounds, Edgar landed more total power shots, more total strikes and had a takedown thrown in. In spite of that, FightMetric gave a solid edge to Aldo in Round 3 (69-60 in TPR) and a really big edge in Round 5 (81-48). As with any cold, emotionless, pure-numbers scoring system, it doesn't always accurately show how close a fight truly was.

However, many (including myself) felt that both the fourth and the fifth were slam-dunks for Edgar, with the only real toss-up being the third. FightMetric disagrees.

We'll see in the coming days how many fans agree or disagree with the decision.