Does Tensai Regret Re-Signing with WWE?

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 4, 2013

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Tensai's lowly position with WWE must bring about a flurry of emotions in him and regret is likely one of them.

Matt Bloom left his A-Train persona behind when he traveled to Japan. He became Giant Bernard, a tattooed monster of a man.

Bloom spent several years with New Japan Pro Wrestling racking up championships and smashing foes. Fast forward to 2012 and Bloom morphed again, from Giant Bernard to Lord Tensai.

It didn't take long before Tensai occupied WWE's lowest levels, losing to R-Truth and other WWE superstars without much effort. Most recently, he donned lingerie in a dance-off with Brodus Clay.

The question becomes: Is the size of a WWE paycheck worth being the company's laughingstock?

That really depends on how Bloom views his position. One's happiness in life is often based on perspective.

He at least claimed on his Twitter account that he was fine with the lingerie segment.

Maybe every time he's asked to lose in hurried fashion or participate in some ridiculous part of Raw, he counts dollar signs in his head.

Bloom is taking a lot fewer bumps compared to a guy like CM Punk. Bloom ends the night with less glory than Punk, but far fewer bruises.

If one can ignore pride, WWE can be a great place to earn a paycheck with little physical effort. 

To paraphrase Marsellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction, "You may feel a slight sting. That's pride messing with you. Pride only hurts, it never helps." If Tensai is seeing things in this light, he can be happy with how he's being used.

Not everyone can be the cowboy. Some men have to be the rodeo clown.

The strange thing for Bloom is that he was in the opposite position in Japan.

Since his WWE return, he's been nowhere near the title scene. In Japan, though, he was competing for championships and soaking up the warmth of the spotlight.

Is that what Bloom dreams about when he goes to sleep now? Does he wish he was back where he was among the kings of the jungle and not a squashed bug?

That depends on what's more important to Bloom. Is money or winning more of a priority? What about being in his home country versus being a beast in a land not his own?

For some, sitting at the end of the bench for the Detroit Tigers is still better than being the best player for the Erie Seawolves.

Maybe Bloom's tweet is sincere. Maybe he's just happy to be a part of the biggest sports entertainment company in the world, regardless of what his role is.

Vince McMahon likely didn't convince Tensai to return to WWE by saying, "We're going to make you look like a fool. How does that sound?"

Now that Bloom is with WWE and his career has shifted into the land of comic relief, Bloom appears okay with it, at least outwardly.

Should his ego stand its ground, should pride's sting grow too painful, the memories of his position in Japan could have him asking to be freed from his WWE contract. He can then trade in his lingerie for championship titles.