WrestleMania: No Money in the Bank Match at This Year's Show

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIFebruary 3, 2013

Source: WWE.com
Source: WWE.com

For many years, the Money in the Bank ladder match was a staple of WWE's "Show of Shows." But in 2010, the match got a pay-per-view built around it and has been left off every WrestleMania since.

According to PWInsider.com (h/t NoDQ.com), that trend will continue this year.

The report states that officials were undecided on whether this year's WrestleMania card would feature a Money in the Bank match but recently decided against it as "the feeling is Money in the Bank should be left to its own pay-per-view."

Perhaps even more interesting, it was also stated that this year's match would have been built around Ryback winning and getting him over, but that plan has obviously been nixed, or at least delayed. 

This news is a little unfortunate. Ever since Money in the Bank got a PPV of its own its whole concept has become less special, and having two briefcases is nearly overkill. 

If officials are set on having a Money in the Bank PPV, then it should feature one inter-promotional match rather than two separate ones for the different world championships.

Additionally, of all the choices to win a contract that guarantees a world championship shot at any time, Ryback seems like an odd choice.

WWE is at a crossroads now in that they either need to do something big with Big Hungry or his character could suffer big time, but a Money in the Bank win is at best unnecessary, and at worst totally contradictory to the Ryback character.

WWE arbitrarily pushed him into the main-event scene back in October and he fit in well given the abrupt nature of his transition. So it's not like he needs a briefcase to get into the title picture.

Alternately, having him cash in on a weakened opponent would be a cowardly move for someone who has been built to look totally unstoppable. 

There are certainly people on the roster who need it more and could utilize it more sensibly, like Daniel Bryan, Christian, Wade Barrett and so on.

It's unclear at this time if the plan is for Ryback to win the briefcase in the now-delayed match closer to the middle of the year, though it seems like a strong possibility that he'll find another way to a world championship before then.

Regardless, what this means is that WWE is continuing to risk oversaturating the Money in the Bank concept by giving it another PPV, and now they'll need to find a reason to have a big multi-man tag match to give several midcarders a spot on the WrestleMania card.