Best Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Amy Poehler's Best Buy Spot Is Game's Best Ad

Shawn Brubaker@@63brubakerContributor IIFebruary 3, 2013

The Super Bowl commercials of 2013 did not disappoint in terms of amusement or entertainment, but so many of the funniest commercials failed to actually advertise their product. One ad that stood out not just for being funny, but also for its success in advertising the product, was Amy Poehler's Best Buy spot. Her performance paired with the focus on Best Buy makes the ad the best of 2013.

The one thing that guarantees this commercial's success is that the Best Buy logo is in just about every frame. You can't forget what this commercial is about because the logo is on an employee's shirt at all times.

Compare that to Kaley Cuoco's ad for the Toyota RAV4. Though mildly amusing, the RAV4 only gets a few seconds of screen time in a minute-long ad. 

Further, the ad simply reflects well on the company and its employees. The employee in the commercial is polite and knowledgeable: not much different from what a real employee should be. Who wouldn't want to shop at a store with such helpful employees?

The employee was hardly memorable, but that allowed Amy Poehler to steal the show with her manic brand of comedy. The rapid-fire jokes, full of innuendo yet conversely rather naive, make the entire minute entertaining. 

Finally, the ad simply does an excellent job of displaying the many wares that Best Buy offers. From computers to washing machines to headphones, Best Buy fits in nearly every item in the store in a minute. That kind of efficiency is rare in advertising.

If I have to be critical, I would have liked to hear the employee answer Poehler's questions, as it could have reflected even better on the company. 

That being said, Poehler was the star of the show, and she did an excellent job in hilariously riffing on basically every item in Best Buy. Not only will most remember this commercial, but they will also remember what it sells. That's what makes a great ad.