Elimination Chamber: Why CM Punk Will Reclaim the WWE Title

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIFebruary 4, 2013


If this story were a promo being cut by The Rock, it might something like this:

Thirteen Days. Thirteen Days until The People's Champion comes back to New Orleans. The sight of the Super Bowl. The site of Ray Lewis playing his final game in the NFL. The site where The Rock stands before the millions (and millions) of The Rock's fans and lays the smackdown on CM Punk's "cookie-puss" candy ass. The sight where the Great One will show everyone that he is still the greatest WWE superstar and champion of all time. If you smell what The Rock is cooking.

While I cannot cut a promo like the current WWE Champion, and I certainly cannot defend his title at Elimination Chamber, I can certainly think of reasons why the eight-time champion should lose the title to CM Punk.

In the words of Ric Flair, CM Punk is still the best thing going today.

Forget about the complexity of the situation with his adviser, Paul Heyman and his association with The Shield and Brock Lesnar. This is not about a potential "Dangerous Alliance" reformation. This is about what is good for business. Didn't Triple H once say re-signing "The Voice of the Voiceless" was a good thing for the business of the WWE?

Making Punk a champion again is another good business move for the company. 

While The Rock's win at the Royal Rumble was great for the fans and looked like a real gem for WWE, it is still not the best move for wrestling in general. While the locker room may not like the fact "Dwayne" is wearing the gold around his waist, there are ways to have this program play out like a gem for Vince McMahon and the boys.

What if the feud between The Rock and Punk becomes a "give and take" of the WWE title? What if the writers create a true "rivalry" where the title is exchanged back and forth leading up to WrestleMania 29?

Christian and Randy Orton were the last two wrestlers to pull off that kind of feat and it worked very well. Both performers gave and sold for the "second" title in the company. It was a throwback to the times when Ric Flair and Harley Race fought over the NWA title or The Rock and Steve Austin battled back and forth. 

A situation like that between the current champion and the former champion would be great for wrestling. But in the end, Punk must take the title for good. Honestly, having The Rock as champion at WrestleMania 29 does nothing for me because Rock vs. Cena II is not appealing.

We all know John Cena will face the WWE Champion in New Jersey. WWE would love to have the same "appeal" as the matchup did last year. I personally don't see it happening.

Another way to look at this exchange is champions and their legacies grow with each claimed title and each length of reign. Punk's 14-month reign was huge for wrestling, but winning the title again and holding on to it for a steady length of time is beneficial to all involved.

The Rock told the WWE Universe he wanted to wear the WWE title again, and he accomplished that.

He did not state how long he would stick around the company, but having him on television for a short period of time is awesome for all of us who are fans. But there are drawbacks in the development of younger stars. The strap going back around the waist of Punk solves all those issues.

In the end, it also makes Punk's legacy as a true champion that much better.