Iron Sheik: The Bruno Sammartino & the Trish Stratus the Real WWE Hall of Fame

Iron Sheik@the_ironsheikSpecial Guest ColumnistFebruary 4, 2013

“Thank you very much for all my intelligent wrestling fans around the world.” 

Thus began the Iron Sheik’s WWE Hall of Fame induction speech back in 2005.

And today, the man behind #teamsheikie sounds off on the latest Hall of Famers and some of the older wrestlers making their ways back into WWE. (Check out his first post here.)

By the Iron Sheik, as told to Bleacher Report. Several terms (and much of the section discussing the Ultimate Warrior) have been changed to make the interview suitable for posting.

Mr. Bruno Sammartino sold out Madison Square Garden 100 time. It's not Hall of Fame without Mr. Bruno. I very, very happy for him.

And before this year, Mr. Bob Backlund go into Hall of Fame. I am very happy for him and he deserve it. He pass the belt to me, make me Iron Sheik, before I make the dumb SOB jabroni Hulk Hogan the Hulkamania.

Also the Muhammad Ali was referee in the Madison Square Garden. He deserve to become Hall of Fame like Iron Sheik.

Trish Stratus become Hall of Fame also. She beautiful...very good performer. She deserve to make it to Hall of Fame. She not like the Mae Young—God bless her—and the Moolah. The Trish the pretty girl.

Ultimate Warrior? No! No! The Ultimate never a good person in the business. He never respect the people. He embarrassing for the wrestling business and Mr. McMahon. He a jabroni, and if I see him, I break his back…make him humble! He don’t deserve for the legend Iron Sheik to talk about him. He not my class. He don’t deserve for me to even put him over. He not like the Triple H, Undertaker, CM Punk. Ultimate Warrior Chris Brown-class.



I watch the Royal Rumble, of course. I see the CM Punk and my good friend Rock. They both impress big time because they are new generation and understand the business %1000. They train…they work like Iron Sheik to show the world best entertainment.

The Rock now the hottest thing. He come from wrestling background. Father, mother, grandfather all from wrestling business: 2-3 generations. I watch his movie. He great movie star, and I be wrestling with his father Rocky Johnson. I love them. He made it. He have good attitude...good talker. He the best. 



Like other old timer, Rock come back to WWE for fans. Every generation—WWE or WWF—they have different best star. They are #1 company in the world, and best television is the WWE. The old-timer Iron Sheik, Undertaker, Steve Austin: good to bring them to make all fan happy.

The people don’t only come to see one star. They come for all star. Each match have different style and different from another match. Rock by himself cannot sold out Madison Square Garden. The people come to see all the super star from the start to the end. Mr. McMahon is a genius, and he know how to give the people good match from first match to the last match.

Brock Lesnar come back, too. He good for wrestling? Yes, of course. Brock Lesnar from the Minnesota. He is one of the best wrestling background like Iron Sheik and like the Kurt Angle, Dan Gable. He the real freestyle wrestling. Brock is unique because he is the real. In my old days, me and the Mr. Bob Backlund…if he come to fight me in the university, we can beat the ---- out of him. Now different time, and he have his chance and I give him the respect.

The Brock break Mr. McMahon hip on Monday Night Raw. That what I hear. They do the F5 move. The Brock Lesnar strong man, and the Paul Heyman smart, intelligent man. Maybe he do it real shoot, and I not surprised that he get hurt. I hope he is OK, but that is part of the business.



I love the business. But my godson, the Iranian Lion Sheik Masih (@Sheikmasih) 6-foot-7 inches, going to be the next Iranian super star in the wrestling business. I train him, I teach him to become next Iron Sheik. He have chance to be Iron Sheik class…make me happy.

I come back? Well, if I had the match, I would love to do the Sergeant Slaughter or The Rock or the Brock Lesnar or the Kurt Angle. Doesn’t matter. I beat the --- out of all them because I am the legend and greatest heel in the history of the wrestling business.

Thank you, and God bless you.


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