Super Bowl Ads 2013: Leon Sandcastle Stands out Among Lackluster Commercials

Joseph ZuckerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 5, 2013

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Forget about the players in the game, Leon Sandcastle stole the show during Super Bowl XLVII.

Sandcastle was the fictitious name given to Deion Sanders in NFL Network's Super Bowl commercial. In case you missed it, you can view it below:

This year's ads left a lot to be desired.

Half the fun of the Super Bowl can be in watching the commercials. That was far from the case on Sunday as there were hardly any that stood out, with the exception of Sandcastle.

It told the story of Sanders taking on a different name and wowing scouts at the combine, so much so that he gets drafted first overall by the Kansas City Chiefs.

It was an instant hit on Twitter, with plenty of people speaking about his potential NFL draft prospects. Daniel Jeremiah of had some great analysis:

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Moeaki was very happy to welcome Sandcastle for next season:

Although it was likely planned this way, the timing of the commercial couldn't be any better. The idea of Leon Sandcastle has plenty of traction in the months leading up to the draft in April.

Part of what makes it so great is that you could see the faintest bit of truth in the ad.

This whole idea behind the commercial was likely a dream that has come straight from the mind of Sanders. You could genuinely see Sanders sitting there getting his makeup done and then having the firm belief that he could make it in the league, even at 45 years old.

He was never one to question his own ability during his playing career, so it's not like that ever would have left him, even in retirement.

Then there's the truth behind the entire draft process.

There's always hype surrounding certain prospects in the buildup to the draft. Every year there are a few players who perform very well in certain drills because they're athletic freaks and nothing more.

They then shoot up draft boards and get selected in rounds that they have no business being drafted in. Tony Mandarich is the poster boy for the kind of workout freaks that have benefited from this in the past.

Even with all of the game film available, it takes one guy to tweet out that X player ran a freakish 40 time or had X reps on the bench for some unknown player to explode into the national consciousness.

No matter what technology is available, scouts will always be intoxicated by amazing physical gifts while forgetting what the player actually did on the field.

The NFL absolutely nailed every single second of the Super Bowl commercial. After Sunday night, if Sandcastle isn't sitting atop your draft, he should be now. And start putting money on the Chiefs winning Super XLVIII.